Need help with increasing RET dps!!

Hello fellow paladins! I'm having trouble increasing my dps, the other 2 paladins in my raid team are pulling almost 30-40% more dps than me on certain fights(with only a 5-8 ilvl increase over me), and I'm confused why mine is so low in comparison.

I'm not sure if it's my gear being reforged/gemmed wrong, or if because of the large amount of aoe and add based boss fights I lack the aoe from the legendary cloak and small dps boost from the meta gem? Please help :(
Do the other two Rets have their 4pT16? What trinkets do they have? What weapon? You don't have any of the legendary items; do they?

Those are the only things to really look at, as the only thing truly "wrong" with your gear is that you have an orange gem in a yellow socket. I would recommend dropping all your Fierce (str/haste) gems for Wickeds (exp/haste) to free up reforges, since you're wasting a lot of potential rating right now.
You could start by regemming your orange gems to Perfect Wicked Tiger Opal or Wicked Vermilion Onyx so you can spend reforges on better stats. With the amount of slots you can regen you would gain 1440 expertise . Your bracers/gloves should both be enchanted with Strength. Those changes will help boost your stats a bit and should help gain some dps.

Just looking at your most recent logs it seems your inquisition uptime could use some improvment. Hard for me to judge your rotation in 25m though, since I can't really compare my 10m logs to yours. Don't know if you have special assignments or if you just tunnel the bosses etc.

Other than that if you want advise that is fights specific, you should be more specific with what you need help on.
posted on wrong toon ;p
They have 4 pc, Evil eye 567 and 1 has thok's tip, and they both have legendary capes,

@pawn i thought haste was better than str now for the chants?
Haste is better than str for gems not enchants. Those trinkets with the cloak are a major dps boost.

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