Hey all,

I've done LFR SoO a lot while getting my secrets, and I was wondering where I can get any upgrades?

Should I try flex, or should I aim for 535 gear with ideal stats from timeless isle?

But the next step in your progression should be Flex or Normal raids.
I suggest starting out with Flex. Download Oqueue or start using Openraid to find groups.

Keep in mind, the mechanics in LFR and Flex/Normal are usually different. It's very easy to ignore 70% of the mechanics in LFR but with Flex onward it's much less forgiving.

After a week or two of Flex and some upgrades from there, you will probably be ready to join a guild that's running Normals, or at least find a PuG. Clearing Flex a few times will definitely prepare you for jumping into Normals. The mechanics are harder, but function exactly the same as Flex.

If you've only ever done LFR, Flex will give you confidence to venture into harder modes. I LFR hero-ed this whole expansion, but after Flex I was hungry for harder content. I'm actually excited by the idea of entering Heroics now, which my guild should be ready for in a few weeks.

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