Unable to make purchases on Battle.net shop

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It doesn't matter how I try to make the purchase. Chrome, Internet Explorer, and even the Battle.net Launcher inline shop UI all have the same issue. I click Pay Now, it turns into the battle.net loading icon, and never completes the purchase even if I wait half an hour.

I already tried completely clearing my cache in both browsers.
I'd clear the cache and history, then reboot your machine. While it's rebooting, I'd reset your internet connection and your router if you use one. That's my suggestion at least.
I am having this problem as well. I've been trying to buy the alterac pup/mount pack for about 2 1/2 hours, and it just sits on processing my request. Have done all of the above, rebooted as well. I am on a mac so that probably isn't the issue. ; b

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