How is ret pvp??

Hi so i want to main my pally and go ret. how is ret in pvp? how does ret stand up against a rogue or hunter or warrior?
Rogues - outlast their open and try to burst them down

Warriors - Warriors feel stronger than they were in Vanilla qq

Hunters - Spam hand of freedom, and emancipate. GG

Thats what I do anyways lol
I see ret pallys with top dmg / killing blow's A LOT in random BGS too
what is better for pvp a hunter ret pally or fdk?
Ret is certainly not a top tier melee dps atm for pvp. Rogues, Warriors, and Enhance shamans are much stronger in 3s IMO, and the latter two are just super mongo. Ret is really about burst damage with wings/HA and their utility (e.g. hand of sac., freedom, BoP, etc.).
what is the best in pvp out of hunter ret fdk rogue?
fdk :)
well i can say ret is a quick fast burst class we are not a strong class when it comes to substain dmg. ret is good if u know ur class an know that your more of a dps burst an prot./ heal your other rena members
Ret is burst and support. A lot of ranged attacks for melee. Powerful selfless healer offheals. Somewhat difficult to be kited. But can be painfully shut down by good opponents. Also to me it feels like other classes always have that one last trick in their sleeves in the end, when ret has used everything already. Probably me being bad though.

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