Ret HWF Evil Eye of Galakras

im having a hard time deciding on how to use my wings/guarding after receiving the Heroic Warforged version which reduces the CD's By 50% Evil Eye of Galakras (2 Min Guardian/1.33m Wings). Im just curious if anyone has experience with this version and can help me in regards to how to use them now. Either continuing as all other versions and using on CD, or now saving wings for the guardian as they are only about 30 seconds apart

All help is appreciated,
Roozy :)
Use each one on cooldown after blowing both on pull unless you know the fight wont last long enough for wings and goak to resync. in food coma atm, but I wanna say goak and wings should be resynced by your 4th set of wings, could be so wrong tho lol
goak+wing+second pot
alright thanks, was just confirming as couldn't find any info anywhere.
100% completely depends on the fight. You in theory want to maximize the # of wings and GoaKs you have in a fight. With other contributing factors such as when your group bloodlusts, the target has a burn phase when down time phases are etc.

Assuming a patchwerk fight ideally you will want to use them as your fellow Beetle Borg Tauren fellow suggested, although when you actually use your second pot is debatable though you will want to use it at some point when you have wings and GoaK up ideally.
Use them on cd as you would otherwise, but as Milk Maid Tauren suggested, it does tend to change up on certain fights.

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