"Failed to send a Recruit a Friend Request...

Customer Support
..Please try again later."

Trying to do this right now and get this error returned to me. I just reactivated my account and would like to have my friend be able to take advantage of the excellent purchase deal going on right now...But it's just not working!

They've checked junk and such, and I tried it on another e-mail I have just to see..It just instantly returns this error to me.

I JUST added more time today after a long hiatus, but the payment should have kicked in already.
It could be due to the fact that you just resubbed Failstar. That said, your friend can still setup an account and you'll be able to link them with the new system still ;) Your friend can still get a great deal right now and it might just take a day or two before it will let you link them in-game.
It looks like your account is listed as Pending, Failstar, so it is likely that your subscription is still processing. Usually the system will allow you back into the game almost immediately even whilt it is processing, as long as there doesn't seem to be any obvious issues with the payment.

You might just need to give it a little more time before trying to send the invite again.


How's my driving? Click me.
Gotcha. Allrighty..I will "Try again later" as it suggest then.

Thanks for the responses.

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