are bull!@#$.
If you can't beat 'em....
yeah ive recently been leveling a monk for this reason, and every time i do a bg i get one shotted by rogues! and prot warriors, but im only level 53.
yeah ive recently been leveling a monk for this reason, and every time i do a bg i get one shotted by rogues! and prot warriors, but im only level 53.

At lower levels rogues have the advantage. Most twinks are rogues for that reason.
Also, if someone is running a low level rogue BGs, it's probably not their first PvP character, which means they've dealt with monks in high-level PvP... which means they maybe take a little extra joy in murdering you very quickly.

I don't know. I play feral and rogue, and the two are very, very different in every way except that they both can stealth. Ferals are more like furry little warriors who can use stealth but have zero dependence on it for anything other than surprising you. Even opening with a stun is nice, but far from essential. And, they can put a rip on you and pretty much frolic away while you bleed to death. Given that the most a feral looses on a disarm is some stats, that they can chain-root and have very high mobility, and that their highest damage ability is a DoT that ignores armor and that only one race in the whole game can get rid of, they should do significantly better against hunters, monks, warriors and everything that isn't in cloth than a rogue does.

All that said, monks die just like everyone else. Sure, MW are a pain, but no more so than a Disc priest. Heck, well-played, even a holy pally can be pretty annoying (mostly just because you have to kill them twice).

But, learn to wait for Dematerialize, use it as a chance to pool your energy, get in there quick with a garrote as soon as it fades, follow with a KS while Demat is on CD, and burn them. Like any heals, unless the person playing them isn't as good at their class as you are at yours, no dps is going to take them down solo; if they do, there is either a gear or skill deficiency or someone got very lucky. But, once you understand the other class a little better, you can figure out how to kill them, and they die just as easily to a team assault as any other healer.

And, I assume you mean MW, because tank and dps monks are basically snacks for rogues in comparison to any other melee dps or tank.
And, I assume you mean MW, because tank and dps monks are basically snacks for rogues in comparison to any other melee dps or tank.

I would bet my bottom dollar he was talking about WW.

MW is pretty simple to take down once he uses up his escapes.

WW on the other hand, put out great damage, are highly mobile, and completely negate any resets with their heals.
No monk should lose to a Rogue in a duel or 1v1 scenario, they counter us. Hard.
Very likely, though most often it's just people who still haven't figured out how to handle Dematerialize.

And monks are strong against melee especially, but no rogue should be trying to beat one 1v1 anyway. Still, if you both have all your CDs, (including both of your vanishes) and you are really determined to use everything else you have, you can kill an equal-gear WW without too much difficulty, even 1v1. And duels are... well, they're duels.

I remember back in TBC completely wiping the floor with a lvl 40 paladin in a bare-knuckles, no armor duel with my lvl 35 warrior. That is the nature of dueling.

And, 2v2 is just a small step up from that, which is why each season you see certain pairings dominating above all others.

Again, though, aside from MW, all CDs ready and all other things being equal, a rogue still has a better chance against a dps or tank monk than against any kind of, for example, warrior.

All else failing, though, if you need to kill something in a BG and you aren't sure if you'll be able to do it, take the advice I give to people in low-level BGs complaining about the rogues that kill them: take a buddy. Because unless you are the last-man-standing in an Arena comp or just ganking people/dueling out in the world - even for a rogue - if you are trying to 1v1 anyone at 90, something is very wrong.
Yeah ww monk counters rogue very hard, so I leveled one to find out what makes them so tough to beat.

1st things first: touch of karma. If you see a white symbol above your head, you better stop hitting the monk because you are only killing yourself. Kite this off or vanish it. If you can get the monk to use karma before you blow CDs, then you should be in a safe place to win the match

Next thing is the monk passive "Sparring": ( If you can help it, always attack the monk from behind, or you'll be dealing with 15% parry the entire fight.

One last thing to really watch out for is tigerseye brew. When this stacks to 10 or higher on the monk, they can drink the brew and increase damage by 60% for up to 30 seconds (with 20 stacks of tigerseye brew). This will REALLY !@#$ you up. Pop evasion, kite, cc, or vanish this to avoid being one-shot. On several occasions I have killed people in a matter of 3-4 seconds and have crit rising sun kick for over 175k on several occasions
Rerolling a monk just because he beats your rogue in duels is stupid. Aside from dueling, ww monks are actually not that great off in pvp compared to most melee classes. Rogues are far better in any arena comp and excellent fcs in rbgs. I would never choose a ww monk over a rogue. If anything monks are just more self supporty versions of rogues, no burst for kill set ups, easy to melt after karma is blown, can't lock down opponents as well. The ww monk is the poor man's rogue. I feel like half the time their running, desperately trying to conjure healing orbs to stay alive.

But yeh, rogue vs a monk, 1v1 your prob going to lose. Rogues are burst with little substance dmg. Monks are the opposite and they have the ability to run and heal.

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