So I just hit 90 on my Hpally and i did it without the whole questing in holy drag. Now i am supposed to get to the Vale and the gates are not open and the quest i remember from my lock is not there at the gate area.. Am i just screwed here and need to go back and do all the quests or do i simply need to pay for flying and go around that way? Help me out here Forums im a fool for not rerolling to ret it feels like..
I think Xuen in the Temple in Kun-Lai might give out the quest too I cant remember either :(
well thats a better lead than i have right now! ill go try that thanks!
Quest to get in Vale starts at Temple of Xuen. Alternatively, you can run to the Shado-Pan Fallback in Kun-Lai to get on the Great Wall and just follow it down and jump off into the Vale. I usually do that trick on my alts as soon as they finish the starter quests in Jade Forest.
What i always do is just find a guildie or anyone in trade chat that has a 2 person flying mount have them fly you over the wall. I'm pretty sure you can get the quest at temple too if you really need the gate down.
You can just walk in at any level from the tower in south-west Kun-Lai.

The gate opening is a Kun-Lai chain, but there's no actual reason to do it.

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