Interesting PvP issue.

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So I'm in isle of conquest and we're beating each other up over who's allowed to control the docks.

Horde is looking pretty good, and we take it. Everyone runs to the vehicles when they pop and I stick around to D (looking for the achieve) after a few less than interesting contenders I found my self facing a Mage/ Warrior combo. While I was dealing with the (poorly geared) mage, the warrior goes for the cap.

With all the time left in the world (after the death of the mage) I turn to the warrior and as I've done many times before lined him up with DoTs and started mind-flayin'

This is where it got interesting, normally at this point the warrior would turn to me and probably run at me pretty quickly try to hit me or something.... but he didn't...

Thinking to myself "oh he must be a bad" I continued to flay away at him... until...

BAM!! "Whateverhisnamewas has assaulted the docks!"

This message comes up while he is literally standing there letting me melt him... (he melted about 3 seconds later)

I've known that DoTs will not cause the "capping" effect to break, but I had never before now had an issue messing people up with Mindflay.

Anyone else noticed anything about this? Is there a post? I noticed that we can now flay warriors when they're blade storming, so I figure some kind of a change must have been made...

Tl;dr - What did they change about Mindflay?

Redtxt for speeling ;)
I have never tried using MF to cause a person to not cap a flag. Most of the time I use DP since its instant. It does a small amout of damage when it hits that causes the cap to stop. It also puts a dot on him. Then I start with beating him down.

I would even use PW: D over a MF to stop the cap.

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