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I'll be grabbing my flying mount and head straight for Hyjal to level and hopefully run into that big black sexy beast!
What will be the first thing you do in-game after The Shattering hits?
Poll ended on Nov 25, 2010
Leveling first, then leveling professions when i'm tired of questing.
Gnome priest here....
Bringing up flame wreath takes me back.
Thems were the days!!
So plan on getting up close and personal with deathwing and showing him just how it feels to be punted not only punted but punted by a gnome !I say bring it deathwing hope you have good health insurance for what i am gonna do to you !
I'll likely be doing most if not all of the things listed, but once Cata goes live I am sure I will find myself at the character creation screen choosing facial expressions for a worgen or two.
First Lvl 85 on my horde and alli mains then worgen rogue (i have been waiting to roll a rogue just for the reason none of the current races "felt" right).
voted for check out the destruction but really im going to tame a beryl hound first, then do that...to tame more pets. I feel like a hoarder. Then I will create the tauren sunwalker paladin. :-D
I might actually bring this toon out of retirement for Cataclysm. Good-bye, soft life lounging around with the elves in Darnassus. Good-bye forum alt.
I don't think I'll be able to resist doing a tour of Azeroth to see how much of a mess Deathwing has left for us to clean up lol. Once I've finished surveying the carnage I'll level up a goblin rogue, a worgen hunter, and get my 80's to 85.
Standing in Fire, the new required achievement to raid =D
Actually, the first thing I'll do is check out a certain Peacebloom farm in Hillsbrad...
I'll not be leveling an alt, But i'll be Race Changing Tamato to Worgen and Going to 85. LFM Kirin Tor Realm, 3 dps and 1 tank for Dungeon Farms while the other people get all whiney about how crowed Hyjal is.
I still have things I wanted to have done before cata launched. Alts leveled, Justice points ground out and so forth. Thanks to some recents distractions (curse you minecraft!) I am running low on time to accomplish what I laid out to have done.
I'll roll a DORF SHAMMY.

AND a nom priest.

AND a belf warriorette.
Not sure yet, but canceling account is actually looking like an option, I'm still upset that the portal hubs are going away, the travel times between capitals were too high before portals, and I'm not interested in going back to that

Faster taxi speeds (at least 150% of the fastest player mount w/any possible speed buffs) and flight paths between all continents would make it tolerable, but the whole fly, wait, boat, wait, fly again experience is no fun - I want to be engaged in the content, not watching it fly by all day.

As it is, expect people to all park in IF and Org and never leave unless they are on a raid - much of the new content will be seen all of once or twice by players, if at all, and then everyone will just use the dungeon finder to level and farm.
Tauren Priest, yes.

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