Gargoyle Frenzy Macro help

Death Knight
I'm trying to make a macro that will cast Unholy Frenzy on my Gargoyle without target swapping. I have made one that works for my Ghoul but I can't seem to figure out the syntax or label for the Gargoyle.

/cast [target=pet] Unholy Frenzy
/cast Platinum Disks of Battle

This works for casting it on my ghoul but the ghoul and I die easy enough as is. I think it would be a larger boon to have on my garg. I checked AJ and couldn't find a macro for it and my forums searches here turned up no results. I'm not looking for something that will both summon the garg AND cast this.

I tried
target=ebon gargoyle
target=ebon gargoyle(pet)

I'm kind of out of ideas.
Just cast it on yourself before you cast garg, it will receive the additional haste you get from the spell.
This raises the question of whether the haste scaling for the pet is 1:1. If it's not then I still am looking for the macro. I tried to test this on the dummy but I was stopped in my tracks by the fact that my garg will autoattack sometimes 3 times in a row between casts...So a swing for ~700 or a cast for 2k...This gargoyle is killing me.

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