rate my prot.

Been prot for awhile. yes i did pick up some welfare wrathful but i did get most of it i got on my own. i consider myself to be well established and knowing of my class in pvp. all that and what not.
You don't need to make excuses about where you got your gear. It's all good. Are you in PvP gear on purpose, though?
yes i pvp prot my friend ^^ have been pvp'ing prot for almost 2 seasons now

the recent changes to prot have made it so much better ^^. but i do happen to see alot of bandwagon prots lately >_>
Ah! I PvP Holy so there you go. I was thinking that for tanking you were missing lots of vital stats, but if it's for PvP, I got nothin' as I've never PvP'd as Prot.

Carry on!

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