Lichborne - Give it to all three trees

Death Knight
I wasn't aware that Paladins couldn't break stuns anymore. That in itself doesn't sound too bad. I learned something pretty important. For the people that flamed, you are far more useless than this topic ever was. For the people that took a second to explain to me the minor details I was missing, thank you very much.
I don't think there is anything wrong with asking for more utility, but the second you mention another class no one cares about what you are asking for anymore. That being said lichborne WOULD be nice to have, but I think the important thing is that if you really want licchborne, at 85 you can have it. Besides, a baseline lichborne would probably weaken the talent as a whole. I mean have you ever healed yourself with it?
Paladins have Hand of Free in all trees.
Warriors get Berserker Rage (I don't know much about warriors)

Currently the only tree that can use Lichborne is Frost. I'd like to see all three specs have it by default and each spec having a talent point that would modify it.

Just random thought:
Untalented you'd have it as is.
Blood - Some sort of defense bonus or magic resistance maybe. Something that would provide a little benefit.
Frost - Will now break stuns but not make you immune to them. Still immune to the normal effects.
Unholy - Being undead yourself gives you and your ghoul a 5-10 second str buff.

Throw in a glyph for Lichborne that puts it on a 1 minute CD but requires 20 RP.

At 85 all 3 specs have access to it for PVP.
DK's are not predictable at all.

For instance when fighting a mage.
If I see that mage using Arcane blast I choose from the following.
-Death Grip if he's far away so it interrupts him.
-Strangulate if he's far away.
-Mind Freeze if no Blood Rune.
-Anti Magic Shell as a last resort (My Favorite talent I try to save it).

(However they are usually NEVER in that order because depending on the play field or whatever is running through my mind I may try to mix it up to keep them guessing. Sometimes I save my Death Grip for last it is just one amazing talent).

If all of those are down I will pop my stupid 6400 damage absorb trinket or Icebound Fortitude just to try to eat some of it, get close to the mage and pop Hungering Cold. Bandaid and start the fight over again. (Hungering Cold can also be used as an interrupt. I can't tell you how many times a healer got to half life and was about to cast a powerful healing spell when I hit them with that and then bursted them down to finish them.)

And this is all without using Lichborne or Death Pact. At 85 we also get Dark Simulacrum which if used right can be useful.

This is also just mage. I used a mage as an example because besides of the OP Shadow Priest which is like a 25/75% win/lose even if I outgear them, mages are the next hardest thing I face.

It is pretty rinse and repeat for any caster class and a few little changes to Melee.

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