How I tank, please critique

Ok, so I just decided to give pally tanking a try on my 75 pally. Having read the talents and spells, I can't tell if there is a rotation as such, more of a list of priorities. Anyway:

Hammer of Left when tanking multiples, otherwise CS.

Use Word of Glory for multi-tanking when no particular mob is close to being peeled, in groups at least. Use Shield otherwise.

Get 1 HP and then use either WoG or Shield to get the block bonus, then either re-use on 3 HP or if the buff runs out.

Use Judgement when getting Holy Power isn't a concern.

Try and keep Conc down whenever it's available, I specced into the talent to reduce the mana cost.

I use Devo aura, unless we're dealing with a lot of little adds (like the adds that spawn at the first boss of AN), in that case I use Ret aura.

I use Seal of Truth.
I wouldn't worry about getting the block bonus up asap, it's not that big.

and consecration isn't what is used to be. It's a low priority filler.

You have the rest right.

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