Best rogue names (ACTUALLY GOOD VERSION)

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mine hands down.

Hey, hands off my dinner!
Beep. Boop Boop Bop.
Definitely NastyMcShiv. If I wasn't so cheap, I'd namechange right now.

But Skwurll is something of a legacy now.
I like the name Ansatsusha.
I have the best female blood elf name ever!
Just wait until i get the salty title.

From the Arabic (which is also the language which originated the word Assassin) word Qisma which means: Fate, destiny, or a predetermined course of events.

"My life for Aiur"
<---- this with the title the patient. can't tell me thats not epic win.
Aside from the obvious, and it being misspelled? Think we'll need to look further for our winner :)
pish posh
<------ nuff said
cant wait to be goblin....
Goblin rogue named Shanknbank
<-- "The Pilgrim"


I have the best female blood elf name ever!

I think Feytality was the best female blood elf rogue name ever.

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