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Moon Guard
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Character's Name: Edgahr Bitterstien Gudge Bearer of Dal Garaz

Realm: Moon Guard

Level: 80

Age: Around 250

Current Residence: Ironforge!

Short Back Story: Like many Dwarfs Edgahr started life as a soldier. Edgahr learned many forms of combat on the fields of battle. He fought in almost every major battle or skirmish since the war of the Three hammers. It was not until he met young Roea, a young, Hard headed, stubborn girl that he stepped away from his Life as a Military veteran. He now keeps a watchful eye over Roea and all of her Hero's of the Dwarfs as she puts it.
Character's Name: Suraira
Level: 68
Age: *I dunno. Somewhere around 31 in human years*
Current Residence: Nowhere
Short Back Story: Born in Darnassus all dark-ish, faked her death to get away from kal'dorei, killed and rez'd by Lich King, now wanders everywhere and makes friends with people.

Suraira, I'm afraid to tell you that no NE can really be born in Darnassus and have that kind of age. Darnassus was only made a FEW YEARS ago. At best about between 6 or 10 years maybe. A correction is thus necessary.

Anyway, moving on to my own character.

Character's Name: Dungarn Lighthammer (Formal name was Wildhammer), Heavy Infantry of the Mountain Guard, Argent Champion of Ironforge.

Level: 80

Age: Venerable, quite over 330 years, and still kicking!

Current Residence: Ironforge usually, but has a residence somewhere in Loch Modan, and in the Wildhammer domain

Short Back Story:
An old wizened and wearied dwarf, Dungarn was once a Wildhammer warrior that participated in the War of the Three Hammers. Following that war, he stayed with his own clan until one day he left on his own to partially reunite with the Bronzebeards, staying in Loch Modan instead. When the Horde invaded in the Second War, Dungarn took up arms to fight alongside his brethren, taking part even in the siege of Blackrock Spire. There, he was witness to Turalyon's miraculous act of Light, which brought down Doomhammer. Following the end of the Second War, and inspired by that day, Dungarn joined the Order of the Silver Hand, becoming one of the less common dwarven paladins at the time. His area of duty however, was in Khaz Modan, instead of Loraderon, which made him oblivious to the bulk of events in Lordareon when the Scourge came. It also made him oblivious to the unfortunate truth when he recieved word that the Order was disbanded by Arthas, and went into peaceful retirement.

He continued to hear of struggles and conflicts following the Third War, and decided to merely keep a silent ear to all of that. It wasn't until a good time into the conflict against the Lich King that Dungarn finally decided to put away with retirement and take up the hammer and shield once more.
Character's Name: Lisenne Kestrel Bloodreaver
AKA: Arienne Kestrel Songblade; Arienne Dawnforge; Arienne Duskwhisper; Esmée Rimewind (during her time with the Scourge).

Level: 80

Age: 126 (young adult) at time of death

Current Residence: Legerdemain Lounge, Dalaran. Formerly Court of the Sun, Silvermoon City. Owns property along the Stormreaver coast, Terokkar Forest.

Short Back Story: The youngest of three children born to minor Silvermoon nobility, Arienne was trained as a priestess of the Holy Light before the sacking of Quel'thalas and was an early member of the Argent Dawn. Later recruited into the Order of Blood Knights, Arienne became second-in-command of a Scryers strike force deployed against both the Coilfang naga and to the Battle For the Eye. Arienne at that time also worked to translate Sunfury orders. Her long and close association with the Forsaken militant Belaris Delenada is a matter of public record; rumors about that Arienne was the architect of her own demise and rebirth as an agent of the Scourge. Freed from the Lich King's control somewhat more recently, the reborn Lisenne has reinvented herself as one of the Horde's shock troopers, deployed more often in battle against the Alliance than any other single foe.
Character's Name: Valendar Ariston Songblade

Level: 80

Age: 130 (young adult)

Current Residence: Sunreavers garrison, Dalaran. Formerly Court of the Sun, Silvermoon, or more recently Scryers' Tier, Shattrath City.

Short Back Story: The middle child and only son born to minor Silvermoon nobility, Valendar stands after the sacking as the last scion of House Songblade. Trained as a spellbreaker and commissioned as part of Prince Kael'thas' royal guard, Valendar followed his prince into Outland in search of the promised land. Some months after the battalion which would become the Scryers defected from the Sunfury forces, Valendar began passing intelligence on Sunfury movements and reinforcements to the anti-Loyalist forces. Liberated during the Battle for the Eye, Len spent several months in service to the Sha'tar before enlisting with the Sunreaver forces in Northrend. Only recently has he rekindled his relationship with his unliving sister, Lisenne.
Character's Name: Joceline Thais Silverbough

Level: 69 (at time of post; to be rerolled as warrior with the Shattering)

Age: 73 (late adolescence)

Current Residence: Owns an apartment in Silvermoon City. Is, more often than not, elsewhere.

Short Back Story: An only child raised by her extended family, Joss stands to inherit the Silverbough ranch someday. Her original contact with the Argent Dawn was as a supplier; the Silverboughs were only too happy to provide horses for the newly minted order of knights. She later became camp cook and veterinarian at the outpost which became Light's Hope, and after several years, entered training as a paladin when she was squired to a former knight of the Silver Hand, Sir Althalos Manadar of Darrowshire (also called Manadar the Healer). Her servitude to the Light came to an abrupt end while she was stationed in Icecrown — after a particularly unfortunate run-in with a coven of Cult of the Damned practitioners, she found herself unable to call upon her Light-given powers.
After a brief but ill-advised stint as a Farstrider initiate, Joss has elected to once again wade into the melée, and has pressganged one of the Executors-errant of the Forsaken military into training her.
Character's Name: Gnorf Percey Gyroscorch

Level: 80

Age: 28

Current Residence: Ironforge

Short Back Story: The son of two prominent and successful mages, Gnorf had trained with the best tutors money could buy to follow in his parent's footsteps. However the more he studied the Arcane arts, the more curious he became. All of the research on magical powers led Gnorf to delve deeper into the books. He eventually stumbled upon darker and more powerful magics, but power is not what drove him. Led by curiosity and backed by confidence, he studied the new and exciting magics and surpassed everything his tutors could have hoped for. Being the son of two skilled mages, Gnorf was confident he could control and contain the fel magics to the benefit of himself and his allies, so he took the challenge, and Gnorf P. Gyroscorch took upon the role of warlock.

PS. First gnome?! ...Well, other than Tadkins.
This might run a little long, due to an annoying lore flub on Blizzard's part.

Character's Name: Ceb Goren

Level: 35, because I'm too impatient for the shattering to level him further

Age: Died at 25, and is currently either 31 or 32, depending on conflicting lore on what year he would have died.

Current Residence: An broken-down, rotting, old wagon in Tirisfal Glades.

Short Back Story: Ceb was born to a rich family in Stratholme, and moved to Caer Darrow at around the age of twenty. Unfortunately, from here there are two, directly opposing, lore sources. One says that the town of Caer Darrow died to an experimental plague that was concocted by the students of Scholomance, and another source says that the town was so well defended that it was the very last town in Lorderon to fall to the Scourge, only failing when Scholomance revealed itself as a Scourge bastion by attacking the unaware populace at night. Either way, he died and was re-raised inside Scholomance; forced to clean up after budding necromancers, and their creations. Eventually, he broke free of his masters' control, fleeing to Hillsbrad, where he was rescued by The Forsaken.
Please help report this to be a sticky as well.

Not every thread needs to be a sticky, we don't need a dozen stickied threads. If people want a permanent record of their character, we have a server wiki, you know.
Sometimes people want a quick description of the characters around them, rather than a four-page biography about John Smith the Warlock's pet turtle -- which is more in the wiki's territory.

Regardless, this argument is only diluting an otherwise successful thread. I'd appreciate it if you could either bring up the topic in a new thread, or just shut up about it altogether. Whatever you choose to do, kindly keep it out of this thread.
Character name: Ioun Bladesinger. Formerly Commander Bladesinger, third fleet, Quel'thalas navy

Level: 80

Age: 150 - 200. Somewhere around there. Not entirely sure. (Mature adult to early middle age)

Current Residence: Thunder Bluff, with nomadic tendencies.

Short back story: From the stormy seas of the second war to the streets of shattered Silvermoon, Ioun has known little but war.

These days, the retired adventurer has all but given up on Silvermoon, relocated to Thunder Bluff, and has embraced the Earthmother, being one of the few of his kind to have completed the Rites of the Earthmother.

Ioun can often be found at the pool in Thunder Bluff where he's happy either making drums, playing them, or practicing his paper folding.

While he has generally gotten over his hatred of the horde, Ioun will likely never accept the undead in any form, and crudely refers to them as 'rots' and 'deaders.'
Character's Name: Daivick Vannithan
Level: 80
Age: 45
Current Residence: Stormwind City
Short Back Story:

Daivick Vannithan lived on a small farm in Southern Elwynn (now Duskwood), until things took a turn for the worst. The farm's crops were poisoned by a competiting farm, which ruined the entire growing season for them. They nearly starved to death during the winter that followed. The Vanntihans were about to lose all their money and their property when the Worgen attacked, slaughtering Daivick's family before his own eyes. Daivick then fled north, to Stormwind, where he took refuge in the Cathedral and became a Paladin of the Holy Light.
Character's Name: Cylebren Shadowgrove

Level: 80

Age: Old enough.

Current Residence: Winterspring.

Short Back Story: She's a druid who is little more than a glorified messenger between Nighthaven and the Cenarion Enclave for the mundane, everyday correspondences. She lives in Winterspring with her mate and enjoys taking care of her family and home.
Character's Name: Naethas Bradigan

Level: 80

Age: Early-mid 30's

Current Residence: Ironforge

Short Back Story:

Gilnean by birth, Naethas was apprenticed to a mage in the Kirin Tor at a fairly early age. He took great interest in the Arcane and the workings of the universe, devoting most of his life to its study an practice. During the course of the different attacks on Dalaran, he fashioned himself into a battlemage. Continuing on in his studies of body and mind, he also helped rebuild Dalaran after Archimonde destroyed it. Having never ventured far from the city itself until news of the Lich Kings defeat, Naethas decided to branch out and explore Azeroths Alliance territories, where he falls in line with the Baradin Expedition, a mercenary group devoted to securely detaining magical artifacts and prisoners to the island prison of Tol Barad.

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