[H] <Kinsmen> is recruiting.

Moon Guard
Kinsmen of Moon Guard is a friendly social, and 10m raiding guild currently in its third year. We pride our selves in being a friendly, open guild. With progression from light to strong, old world raids, PVP nights & RP events, there is a position for everyone.

Apart from ICC, we are looking for both skilled players, as well as casual players for the expansion.

Players interested in casual progression should be:

    - Reliable
    - Eager to learn
    - Friendly
    - Patient
    - Relaxed and happy with a slower paced raiding environment

Players interested in strong progression should be:

    - Reliable
    - Know their class
    - Min/max their characters
    - Know raid mechanics, and research unknown encounters
    - Have raid awareness
    - Ability to take criticism

Our Raiding Schedule

Core Progression:
Tuesday-Wednesday; 7:00pm-10pm CST

Casual Progression & Extras:
Thursday-Monday; Alternate runs. Casual progression runs, old world raids, PVP events, and guild meetings.

Current core progression needs:
All positions open. High demand for skilled tanks, & holy paladins.

Please visit our website here to apply: http://www.thekinsmenguild.com/New_Membership.html

You may also contact our recruitment officers in game on Dawnleaf, Ispisius, or Lavîan for more information and/or an interview.

We look forward to hearing from you,

I found this thread at the dead bottom, litteraly the last of all. This deserves to come back alive.
Oh god, SO OLD
As this is 3 years old much of the information is out of date. We are still looking for people to join us.
The current website for applications is www.thekinsmen.org

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