Skinning Vs. Enchanting (Suggestions Please)

I am a 450 JC/Skinning, and I'm considering dropping Skinning for Enchanting. Money isn't an issue for me. My question is, what is better in terms of gold-making? I think enchanting is better for stats, but my main focus is making gold.
Making gold with any profession can vary from realm to realm .... as in I can make a ton of gold from skinning on my server, but because of a flood of enchanters, enchants are extremely cheap on the Auction House.

So, what's good for me, could turn out bad for you. Check your auction house. Pay attention to what people are selling and buying in trade chat.

And remember that with most crafting professions, the best selling items can not be learned from a trainer. They come from world drops and reputation vendors.
Skinning will be better for making gold until at least February. As a leatherworker without a skinning alt, I can personally vouch for the fact that Cataclysm leather will be in high-demand starting December 7th.

Once you hit 85 though, and stop regularly questing, you won't have as much easy access to mobs to skin however. At that point, I might recommend leveling alchemy. It pairs nicely with jewelcrafting, providing 7-10 rare gems per week assuming you are a transmute master, allows you to turn into a freakin DRAGON!!!, and doubles the duration of your flasks and elixirs saving you gold.
Thanks guys!

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