New Class/Race Combos: What will you do?

Moon Guard
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With the new class and race combos on the horizon, what do you plan on rolling or transferring to?

I'm seriously hoping there's a massive exodus from elf paladins to tauren paladins. Maybe cut down on that population a bit.

Me personally, I'll eventually have an undead hunter and gnome priest, possibly a tauren paladin. Not sure what I'll do as far as goblins and worgen go.
Dwarf shaman.
Will probably roll an Orc Mage to serve as my herb/ore farmer. I love how you can have both professions and effectively track them.

The combo itself seems so weird and obscure, it could be interesting to play.
I've always wanted a Human Hunter, but this focus change is something I am not liking so far. So that'll probably be off the table. I've also wanted a Druid but just couldn't get into having a Nelf or Tauren Druid, so... Worgen Druid in 3 weeks? Maybe try a Troll Druid. I dunno.

As for the other class / race combos. I might take up a Nelf Mage. Maybe.

Goblin DK

Oh yeah
Blood elf warrior, because I've never rolled a blood elf before.

Faction changing my druid to troll.

Dwarf shaman.

Goblin rogue.

And a partridge in a pear tree.
Tauren Pally
I'm making a Goblin Shaman and a Belf Warrior.

As for Alliance? I want a Dwarf Shaman soooo bad. :]
I'm going for a Dwarf Mage my self. Been fiddling with one on beta, really enjoy it.
Orc Mage. Maybe.


Goblin Hunter and Worgen Druid, if only to experience the new 1 - 60 quests.
Orc Mage. Maybe.



It's bugging the hell out of me, too. D:

Also, I plan on having a Troll Warlock.
Night Elf Mage. Someone had to say it.
For those choosing Orc Mage, how do you plan on going about it?

Orc Mages don't really have any grounding in lore. They typically run the gamut between fighters, shamans and warlocks. Could easily say "trolls taught us" or "we just returned from Dalaran and learned it", but that's about it.

It's hard to picture an orc walking around with a wizard hat and a brightly colored robe.
Forsaken hunter. One of my favorite races, paired with my favorite class.

It can't possibly go wrong.
Mostly looking forward to Worgen Rogue and Tauren Priest.

I'm also probably going to roll some new characters of the old race/class combinations, because NO ONE WILL SEE IT COMING. It is the perfect crime.
The Gnome Priest probably because I've never taken a Gnome character beyond level 20. But I doubt I'll be playing Cataclysm anytime soon. I need a new job and a new computer. :(

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