Warlock Pet Special ability bug

Bug Report
I have noticed that on this toon my pets do not have thier special abilities that they should have at this level. Axe toss and felstorm for my felguard is not there and they are a lvl 30's and 40's ability. I have a lvl 49 alliance lock that her felguard has these abilities but this too doesnt. my imps Flee isnt there, nor is my Succubus' whiplash isnt there. These abilities are lower level obtained spells for these pets but I have not seen them on my "vanishing" pet bar. I am tired of waiting, I cant be up for 24/7 to wait for a response nor can I tell my supervisor while on a ship to wait till I get a blizzard response. Please help with this issue. it's become very annoying and makes me wonder if they will be there when I eventually hit 80 and be told "you have to delete your character and start over." speech I was given when my lvl 80 mage's portals wouldnt work.
go to your pet's spellbook and drag them down manually. When the pets got changed back to their old names, it also reset their action bars to what they were before 4.0.1.
Ahh ok, thanks =) I was wondering where they went.

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