[H]<Imperium> Recruitment Thread

Yes, yes, yet again another guild recruitment thread. Bear with me (Haha get it? Bear? Cus I'm a druid?)


<Imperium> is a new transfer / re-roll guild that consists of a few core players that have been playing WoW together since the dawn of time. (You know, before Azeroth blew up) When Cataclysm hits, we plan to be a very tight knit 10man raiding guild, with hopes of fleshing out two 10man groups in preparation for downing content quickly, but with a little flare.

As for what's left of Lich King, we're focusing on just fleshing out our guild numbers and doing achievements. All our officers are experienced with Cataclysm beta, so we are focused on getting as much done for the guild as we can, before the entire world goes Kaboom. Our members are currently focusing on achievements, professions and of course alts, with a little raiding thrown in here and there.

We're looking for mature and relaxed players who want to sit back with us and watch our second home crumble before our eyes.

Who should be interested in joining?

-Anyone who wants to join in a fun and mature guild chat / vent.
-Anyone who needs more help learning about how to raid for Cataclysm
-Anyone who is "burnt" out of hardcore raiding, and just wants to relax with some friends until Cataclysm hits.
-Someone who is currently leveling an alt with high expectations of that alt to raid
-Anyone that just thinks my bear butt is cute, and doesn't mind me finding them in Dalaran and sitting on them constantly :)

Who should NOT be interested in joining?

-If you are only interested in constant hardcore raiding action, then <Imperium> is not for you.
-if it is dificlt to undrstnd u den ur admitnce may b ill cndsiderdd
-If you are a gnome. In fact, we may try and capture you and use you in our weekly game of "gnome punting". (Want to apply to be the gnome that we punt? Contact us today!)

That being said, we accept all forms of players free of discrimination. Whether you're a man (pffft men don't play video gaems), woman, gay, straight, alien species, or even foreign, you'll find a loving and accepting home. (Except for those party nights where I might unknowingly sit my fat bear butt on you constantly, singing "Too much booty in the pants" on vent)

If you are the leader / officer of another small guild and are looking for some guild alliances

-Please contact either Pookees, Pookeez, Sarannah, or Ukonjack. We love friends in high places.

If you have any other questions about the guild
-You can either post here (I'm sure I'll do some lurkin') or contact one of our officers (Pookeez / Pookees, Sarannah / Camillia / Inoueorihime, Ukonjack)

If you read through all this text then congrats! /present cookie
I would definitely be interested. My main is not on this server, but will be soon. I am an original Zul'Jinite and never should have left, so I am coming back. You can contact Swizzkiller in the meantime.

Hey, this is Sarannah. I'll be on tonight if you have any questions. Feel free to use the in-game mail system if I am not on and I will respond asap.

Thank you for considering us! Talk to you soon~

Bump for a rogue and some ranged dps!
Bumpity bump for happy friends time
I might be interested in joining but how often are you guys raiding in cata?!
3 days a week
Bump for cuties

Resto sham
Feral druid

Leveling and social sugar lump cupcakes welcome too!
if you guys still need a Resto Shaman I would be interested. hit me up in-game if ya wanna talk =)
Bump for leveling cuties and a kitty Feral druid.

Maybe a Dk/Pal tank cutie, too
What about enhance shammies?!

12/10/2010 3:16 AMPosted by Rámen
What about enhance shammies?!


You're an alliance cutie!
Moving on up!

Anyone who's interested in leveling to 85 and doing some fun, quick gear up / progression, send us a tell!
Yet another bump.

Looking for more. Don't be shy! We have dungeon/heroic runs!
I'm a returning player... haven't been around since Burning Crusade and even then it was a very casual play style. I've come back to game with a desire to see all the stuff I missed. Is there a place for a player like myself in your little club?

I dont "live" to raid, but I do enjoy it. Unfortunately I've been away quite a while... my retained knowlege and gear show that. :)

No offense will be taken if you folks decide I'm too much of a reclamation project. Just looking for a good group of folks to level with, have fun with, and at some point, raid a bit.

Message me in-game when you get the chance.

We're redoing our recruitment thread once we get osme things put up (like our website).

We plan on running two 10man groups, so we probably have room for you.

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