Moon Guard FAQ (by Kharnis)

Moon Guard
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Alrighty fixed
This was actually very helpful to me as a new Moon Guardian, and I thank you! Hope it gets sticky'd!
I think if anyone is moving here, they would do the research on their own. To not do so would be a waste of 25 bucks that could be better spent on Oh I dunno...faction changing perhaps? Also, Wowprogress is not always that accurate. Nor is Warcraftrealms data, sadly. SO yeah..let them look and poke around on the boards at the threads for info.
If I catch wind of a Horde member being new to the server, I will go out of my way and personally escort them there. In my opinion, everyone planning to make their home on Moon Guard -needs- to experience it atleast once. Think of it as joining a frat house; there are trials everyone must pass.

Besides, not that I like what goes on within the sticky walls of that Inn, but Moon Guard just wouldn't be the same without Goldshire. It adds character to our expanding server.
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Think by using the "like" feature it would encourage the devs to sticky it more than the age-old bumping tradition but bumping anyway.
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