Moon Guard FAQ (by Kharnis)

Moon Guard
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This has my seal of approval.
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Love the guide! I haven't actively RP'd in a good while, but I'm always keeping an eye on what's going on with the RP community. This'll help many people, I'm sure.
I've always preferred roleplaying servers, but I never tried Moon Guard until recently. I admit, though, that I haven't played the toons I made on there very much, but I'm planning to transfer my almost 80 huntress out of Ner'Zhul...

And, after reading this... She's going to Moon Guard.
Saw it on the original forums, and helped me make my decision to transfer. Here's a well-deserved bump!
I'm a member of moonguard, but honestly the naming convention for rp servers "ESPECIALLY MOONGUARD" is a bit well meticulous. In your post above you asked for non-rpers to show curteousy to rpers. However, I ask that rpers show curteousy to players who do not wish to rp and want non-rp names like Sirpwnu. Its not too much to ask. If i have a character with a name like that I won't enter rp conversations and defile the integrity if you promise not to pull out the name police on me. Of course this name is a bad example, however I've actually seen many REALLY GOOD rp names go to waste because someone thought it wasn't RP enough(nothing like the above i promise you). Wow has blatantly disregarded others work by putting random spoof characters which have no real inside in the lore. "HARRIS PILTON" "HARRISON JONES". So why not let the non-rpers have their fun too. If wow's allowed to be non-rp why shouldn't the characters be allowed to, if there not bothering to stop and rp with rediculous names... I don't see the problem. I play on this server because I have friends who love to rp, end of story. I can't switch to non-rp because I still want to play but at the same time I can't have a name that the name police deem unworthy.
This was informative and made my decision to make a move to this server much easier.
This guide would've been helpful when I first made a character on the realm after my main realm went down. Goldshire does add character, but also bashes our realm for it as well.
So the player is the choice of avoiding or participating in it. But don't act like it doesn't happen in the horde. It's rare but still out there.

I'll also say in my opinion that Alliance RP is alot more likely After testing both sides. I can find something more interesting in alliance than the horde. But then again, I've heard that world RP happens more often.
Good job :) reading this makes me feel like Faction changing my Warlock to undead and transferring him here,

Just a little advice that wasn't put in here

If you do rp Dont take rp drama into real life drama as that just ruins it for every one and it makes a really good rp feel like a crappy one
@ Kinria:
I agree on the Goldshire subject. It undoubtably gives the realm character.
In my opinion, the 'reputation' the realm gains is not from Goldshire itself, but the uncountable number of idiots that spend every minute of every day standing around there looking at half naked pixels for their own enjoyment. If I had a dollar for every person in a random dungeon group that has either whispered me or just said in party some random comment about me being from Moonguard, I'd be rich. Every single time someone does say something, I explain to them that it is only a very small percentage of the realm that does those sort of things.

Whew...Vented. *Bows out*
Well...Goldshire is home to what we here call ERP.

Erotic Role Play. More or less, it is a brothel for Roleplayers.
Do NOT go to Goldshire!
This helped me out so much! Thank you and Kharnis!
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9. What if I don't want to RP? I have friends here, and I'd like to join them. Will I get hounded by the people here?

Absolutely not. If you are here to have a good time with your friends, and you don't make fun of RPers or grief their events, you're more than welcome here. The only non-RPers we have a problem with are the ones who specifically come here to make life difficult for us. If you don't want to RP, but you respect the fact that others do, we have no problems with you here at all.

Thank you very much, this is actually exactly what I was looking for. I want to play in Moon Guard, but now that I'm in school and have a girlfriend - serious relationship = less time to play.

If others can give me more answer it would be more then welcome. I'm thinking about playing on Moon Guard, but don't have the time that I use to so I won't have time to RP much. I think that by endgame I would just want to relax and enjoy RP, but that won't be for a while.. (I've been a gamer for 6 years and yes, I play games everyday, well use to until I got serious into college and found a girlfriend Lol.

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