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Moon Guard
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Hi, I've got a whole bunch of newbie questions ready!

1) Is there a well-known add-on people use for fighting, do they roll, or is it freestyle and the most shameless one wins?

2) Are there any well-known and established facts / rules / code of conduct that all of the RP guilds listed on the wiki follow? Is there any kind of "central government", or a conglomeration of RP guilds, or even a list of those that have a high reputation? Are there ones with the opposite reputation one should be aware of?

3) What would be decent places to go for some random RP? Yeah, I know it's not the Cathedral of Light OR Goldshire, but what would it be? Are there any taverns open for business, etc?

Yes, I did try the wiki first. It has nice info, character profiles and pages and pages worth of good memories made by others, but it's not exactly too helpful to a newbie like me (though I got the idea about not going to Goldshire or Cathedral of Light).
Most questions that folks ask that cant be seen on the stickies can be asked on the forums themselves.
Its due to the nature of rp and people that most things tend to change over time such as prominent guilds, where to rp and how to rp fight.
Dont be afraid to ask !
100% EXACTLY the sort of information I was looking for about this server, thankyou Rumours
05/27/2011 12:42 PMPosted by Doophy
Needs more cowbell.

No. There needs to be a question about Doophy.

Edit: They're also required to spell right.

Edit2: If I could spell this morning.
I come from Farstriders and I wanted to see what Moongaurd is like to see how RP is and this was very helpful! Thanks. :) Also I don't know if anyone else suggested this but there is another RP addon it's called TotalRP, that's what I use and I reccomend it to all you RPers. :)
Great FAQ. Bump for sticky.
WoW love your thread. i'm also on a RP realm the scyrlers.
Yeah, just saying to avoid Goldshire is not really part of what to put in a FAQ; that's getting into opinion not fact. The rest of this is pretty spectacular.

Oh yes, and love your post Krunch since it's so true; World of Warcraft is a lighthearted game, with in game jokes and colorful graphics, ease of play at a level where more casual players can play an MMORPG. If someone wants to have a name a non-RP name, so long as it's not offensive, I really see no reason people need to waste the GMs' time. If the name's offensive or are being rude, then go right ahead. If they want to RP with you, simply tell them you'd rather not roleplay with someone with a name you can't take seriously; if they don't listen or harass you after that, that's also a time where one would be more than justified to bring a GM in.

Just seeing someone with a name you don't consider RP at the auction house or questing or something, it seems very excessive to report them; they're not harming you nor you them, so leave them be.

Just my opinion on what the server is of course.
Moon Guard is a touchy place for RP. From what I've heard from people on other servers who used to be in Moon Guard, it used to be a wondrous server for RP.

Even for the little-over-a-year that I've been here, I will say that there are a lot of good roleplayers on the server as well. Unfortunately, there are also a ton more bad ones.

When it comes down to it, it's a matter of how serious you are about roleplaying. Personally, if you don't want to RP that much or want to take it seriously, find a normal (non-RP) server. Those tend to be more lenient regarding both Blizzard's guidelines for RP servers as well as the people who are on there already. Should you wish to be more involved and in-depth with your RP, just try to be wary of where you go. Use your best judgement on things.

I hate saying it, but people who RP and talk in words such as "R u going 2 b here l8er?" or the like typically don't get my attention when it comes to roleplay. More-so, people who obviously aren't serious about it. Just one of those things that irks me. XD

Otherwise, Moon Guard can be a good RP server. Just depends on where you go, who you meet, and your preference on RP.
Be good to each other Moon Guard. I wish you all a happy and pleasant future.

I have a revision suggestion, regarding RP addons.

I noticed after coming back after 9 months hiatus that the latest versions of FlagRSP, TotalRP2, and MyRolePlay all work on a common data protocol (called the Mary Sue Protocol, lol), so most character sheet info is visible to anyone using those addons regardless of what they use. TRP2's tooltips even show me what RP addon the person is using.

Also, I think GHI's and TRP2's ability to create items to assist in roleplaying should be mentioned.
11/18/2010 08:01 PMPosted by Rumours
For the love of God, and all that you hold holy, stay out of Goldshire. I mean it.

The first time i went to Goldshire on this realm.... well....

...its not a good memory....

So yeah stay out of Goldshire unless you want to see naked (guys in real life) dancing as a NE on the tables of the inns

On a side note you can still find some good rp there. Just stay out of the inn.
Blech. Pornshire.. Its denizens leak out into the cities too, unfortunately.. I wish we could kite something into the inn as a knockdown to make the lives of the ERPers and creepshows a little more chaotic.
If you start as a human in Moon Guard, you can do all the quests in Northshire EXCEPT "Rest and Relaxation", and then when you arrive in Goldshire, just stay out of the inn there. Instead, take a flight immediately to Kharanos and do the quests around there like a Dwarf or Gnome character would do. Once you reach about level 10 to 15, go to Stormwind and continue avoiding Goldshire while doing quests, battlegrounds and dungeons.

Maybe if enough people do this, the perverts in the Goldshire inn will run out of people to sexually harass.
Re: Goldshire...

While it *is* a central hub for ERP, most of the people actually doing any ERP are keeping to themselves, quietly having their fun in private whispers and group chat. The VAST majority of the obscenity and filth flowing in and out of that place is coming from off-server trolls who are only there to make fun of ERPers and RP in general, thanks to Blizzard's public announcement last year that they would be actively policing the place, and the denizens of the sewers of the internet catching wind of that. (Not that Blizzard's "policing" was even remotely effective, but that's a different story entirely.) Personally, I don't care what people do privately, as long as it's kept discreet.

Wanna clean up Goldshire? Find a way to get rid of the off-server trolls.
Whoever made this... You forgot to add Goldshire, where hookers are dead in the streets do to sickness and small babys are in dumbsters... Where Men woman and children are eaten by others. Where even deathwings fires could not purge. Where Blizzard named it the Twisting Nether (That didn't really happen but SHHH)
When in doubt, head to Goldshire.

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