Suggestion: Jewelcrafting Design Compensation

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Not sure if this has been discussed, nor do i really care to look back at 2 to 3 months worth of posts... so here it is.

I have 2 characters that are jewelcraftors. With the recent patch and changes that went into stats... I've lost several designs that were my "main stat". I've spent countless days earning JC Tokens... and I have not been compensated for them... and I am sure there are thousands of others in the same boat.

My suggestion is that you put in an NPC(or simply the funcationality on an existing NPC) that will teach you a new design of the same cost. I.E. If you had the Fractured Cardnial Ruby cut... you could learn 1 new design that was worth 4 JC tokens. If you had the Fractured Scarlet Ruby... 1 new one worth 3 tokens, etc.

On the flip side... just re-imbursing JC tokens would be ok as well...

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