Ravenholdt RP Sanctum Website!

Hello Ravenholdt Role-Players!

The Ravenholdt Roleplaying Sanctum Website is officially open to any and all who wish to register and join the community! This website is for all roleplayers who wish to contribute and build up the roleplaying community on Ravenholdt. It includes forums for roleplaying, sharing stories and biographies, planning RP events, chatting OOCly, and much more! Please share the website with any and all individuals who might have an interest in being a part of this community! The site has been running for over a year now and the membership and growth of the Sanctum is amazing!

How to sign up:
1) Go to www.ravenholdt.us
2) Sign up, using your character’s name as the name on your account (those not using their character’s name will be asked by an Admin to change it).
3) Post!

Here’s some more information! If you have more questions, please just ask.

Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community FAQ

What is the mission of the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community?
o In order to promote and enhance the roleplay on the Ravenholdt server for the purpose of building a strong foundation and vibrant roleplaying community, this website seeks to separate the roleplayers from the griefers, and to reconcile all the isolated pockets of Ravenholdt RP to one another until all that remains is a single, exquisite tapestry of realm-wide storytelling. Epic, simply epic.

Who is invited to join the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community?
o Everyone! We're obviously geared towards the Ravenholdt realm, and towards roleplaying, but anyone who wishes to join our community and is willing to play nice with others is welcome!

Who isn't welcome?
o Anyone unwilling or unable to follow the short and simple list of rules we've taken the time to write up and lay out for you.

How do I join the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community?
o Registrations require e-mail confirmation. Just make sure you use your actual e-mail address when you register, and you should have no problem activating your account. It'll only take a few minutes, and after that you're encouraged to post!

What are the rules?
o Please make sure to read our rules, which can be found here (http://ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=42).

Who runs the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community?
o Members from both factions and different guilds built, administrate, and moderate this site. As the need arises, more moderates will be chosen from the community. Though this site looks official, but it's not actually associated with Blizzard in any way.

This is great! How can I support this website?
o You can support the site by being an active member! You can also help cover the expenses of the site, if you're keen to help out even more. This website is hosted through the generous donations of the RP community.More information can be found on the ravenholdt.us homepage. Thank you for your contributions!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And I hope to see you there soon!
How do I vote for sticky on these new forums?
When you click the 'dislike' button choose 'report' from the drop down, then scroll down the page and enter the text "Request for sticky" after choosing Other from the dropdown there.

Also, reported for sticky! :D
Awesome website, awesome forum community, and awesome thread. Reported for sticky. Please do the same if you can. Note: If you select the "report" option, you may need to scroll down to see the box in which the reason for reporting can be selected.
Also like the post, just for good measure.
Great website, great people. If you're a Ravenholdt roleplayer, this is a must have bookmark.

We look forward to having you.
:D I support this
I'm going to go ahead and give this a very early morning bump, in hopes that it can be made a sticky for these forums. The Sanctum is truly a resource for the roleplayers of this community and it would be great to see it continue to grow and thrive as a place where roleplayers can gather and collaborate.
Seal of Approval
WTB sticky
Bumping for the sanctum.

I found this while searching through RP-PvP realm forums, and I wanted to go further, but the URL doesn't seem to work for ravenholdt.us. Is there an issue with the site? I'd like to know more.

Thank you.
It appears that the host is having some issues with the server. It should be resolved shortly. Keep checking back!
Should be back up.
Thanks for the resource.
Oh, I didn't see this before.
Yeah, it keeps kind of sliding down the forums. I am hopeful that it will be stickied soon though! Otherwise we can just keep bumping it, I suppose.
Except whenever I bump something I think of Bumpety.
I'll make sure it doesn't fall down. :D

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