Ravenholdt RP Sanctum Website!

I'll make sure it doesn't fall down. :D

Maybe you should request Zeromus add this information to the Server FAQ sticky?
That's certainly another idea. My only concern is that it would get somewhat "lost" among the other information. However, if people read it and know about it, that's what is truly important!
I don't mind having it as it's own thread, haha.
Sticky this.
I miss our individualized avatars. I'm looking forward to their triumphant return. On that note, Twinflame has offered to help out making the Sanctum avatars more festive!
Yeah, I wish we had that kind of customization.
Well, you're able to upload your own avatar. It just doesn't automatically sync with Armory.
I'd love to see more people signing up and getting involved; we have a blast- especially in the OOC in-game chat channel.
I've seen more RPers in the Alliance in-game channel recently too. It's a great resource for anyone looking to connect with the RP community of Ravenholdt.
I'm kinda bummed that this isn't getting stickied.
12/19/2010 1:16 PMPosted by Tinox
I'm kinda bummed that this isn't getting stickied.

Come again, small one?
Yay for sticky!
May i ask what you do if you want to sign up but have multiple characters?
You can make yourself one account per character if you so choose, but you can also make only one and, say, mention what character your post is about at the beginning of a story or something. Both are valid options, it's really about what you prefer.
is the site having trouble today?

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