Going over 17% hit while levelling

Since spirit now gives us boomkins hit rating, I have been stacking it while levelling. My hit% is currently at 26.7%

The question is this, will this allow me to hit targets over 3 levels higher? And if so, what is the hit cap for +4 or +5 levels higher than your toon?
If you hover over your hit rating in you character pane it will tell you how much Miss chance you have for Creatures up to four levels higher than you based on your current hit rating (I think, Can't recall exactly). In any case, 26% is loads, it's really not a concern until you hit level cap and need to hit cap for bosses.
Each additional level should take an extra 11% hit.

That said, you're probably better off fighting stuff your own level and reforging all the spirit into things that will help you kill faster (haste/crit).
ah I found the answer:

0 • 96% • 96%
+ 1 • 95% • 95%
+ 2 • 94% • 94%
+ 3 • 83% • 87%
+ 4 • 72% • 80%
+ 5 • 61% • 73%

so to be hit capped for +5 levels you would need 39% hit.

btw - you cant reforge your gear until 80. And the reason I value spirit over haste and crit is.. things die so easily either way, I would rather have the mana regeneration in between mobs, and ensure that i never miss anything. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to kill a mob a few levels higher and going oom trying to land one dot.
Yeah, I think hit is the most valuable stat when leveling.

Things have been nerfed so far, the only challenge generally is hitting the mob. once you connect, you usually do enough damage to kill it rather quickly.
Yeah, don't worry too much about your gear while leveling. If you can kill things before they kill you, or before you oom, then you're fine. Just keep on truckin.

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