i retired my ret pally after 4.0.1 because of all the QQ about ret pvp being dead and since Ive been leveling my spriest and playing on my lock. But today i was bored and read the pally forums and heard about the protadin pvp being awesome and i want the wrathful single handed so im grinding honor as ret.

HOLY SHIZ! RET IS GOD MOAD why was everyone complaining i'm loving ret. its incredible! I was destroying everything.. besides a couple of casters.. the usual frost mages. spriests and demo locks.

Your thoughts on ret pvp?
You're talking about ret PVP at 80, which is fundamentally different. For one, (at least for me, and I'm using shadowmourne) hammer of wrath crits nearly as hard as templars verdict, which is not even close to true at 85.

Additionally, due to the much lower relative health pools to damage output at 80, against a target that is wearing no resilience a single hammer of wrath crit can do 75% of their health.

Comparitively, at 85, a monster crit might do 20% of their health.

PVP at 80 is in no form balanced, and yes, ret will do outstandingly well against players who are wearing no resilience - but so does every class, and always have.

Against players who are wearing large amounts of resilience our damage is more within expected levels and survivable.

The primary concern of Ret's in PVP currently is not our damage output (which is mostly on par with other classes), but our ability to actually output damage (mobility).

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