Need a bit of advice.

Posted this in general but its moving so fast I couldnt get anything.

Come cata Ill just be starting college and with work as well I wont really be able to raid much so Im just gonna level alts. I plan to do one of each class with each profession variation and have a pretty good start so far. This is what I have.

Priest (main) - 80 - Tailor & Enchanting

Hunter - 80 - Herbalism & Mining

Druid - 63 - Skinning & Leatherworking

Mage* - 41 - Alchemy (Transmute) & Inscription

Paladin* - 43 - Engineer (Dwarven) & ???

Warlock* - 40 - Alchemy (Elixir) & ???

Warrior* - 41 - Alchemy (Potion) & ???

Shaman* - 40 - Engineer (Gnomish) & ???

Rogue - 51 - Blacksmith & Jewelcrafting

Death Knight - ????

No Dk yet. Thats part of the advice I need. So here are my questions.

Q1: I play horde. All 9 of the characters I have so far are all horde. I have a DK but havent touched it since it left the starting area. Would it be advantageous to delete the DK I have and make it Alliance instead? For like AH access and stuff and just make it a second gatherer? Any other advantages to this?

Q2: I have some open spots for professions as you can see. Any suggestions? I can move them around of course. The ones marked with * Ive hardly touched professions on. One thing i was thinking of doing was making a second JC so I can have one with caster gems and the other with melee gems. This way if it goes like WotLK did I can get more cuts in half the time with 2 of them.

Q3: Any other suggestions from others that have done this? Ive been working on them slowly and its been a plan of mine to level one of each class. Having all the professions is just a good way to make money too.
Q1: It can definitely be advantageous to do some cross faction trading. I would say make an Alliance toon for sure for that reason if you're gonna be a hardcore market player.

Q2: Make the druid your primary gatherer (herb / miner)

Q3: Having one of each is fantastic, it opens so many possibilities to make gold. Most of the time the biggest gold makers require 2+ professions to take full advantage of (mining ore > prospect and make green rings / neck > disenchant was a mega gold maker for me for a while, although most of the time I bought the ore). Once you start getting a bit more experienced you will realise this: time spent = gold (time is money, friend), so you'll probably wanna drop the gathering professions and now you will never need to leave the city again.
the only profession you should go for is inscription in the form of taking notes in class. i never would have graduated if wow had existed.
WoW will come second to school and work. It will be something I do in my spare time and between semesters.

Garøna thanks for the insight. Ill be making my DK a Worgen then come cata.

As for making my druid my gatherer I guess it wouldnt be a bad idea seeing as they dont have to land to gather. And it wouldnt be all that hard to switch them since I have only leveled skinning on my current druid. Not even touched LW.

I actually like to spend time gathering so its not a big deal to me.

Any comment on having two JC? And any suggestions on what I should take up to fill in the other spots? Maybe add some more gathers in there?
The only advantage of having two JCers would be getting recipes quicker, as the months go on that will severely diminish. Also the reason why I recommended druid for being gatherer is now you can also track both kinds so you could gather them simultaneously and the bonus of not needing to dismount / remount but really it only adds 1.5 seconds per gather - not a big deal.

Lastly I forgot to mention cross faction trading requires another account so before you make the alt and send a ton of gold to buy things to trade, make sure you have another account / friend / trustworthy guildy to be able to assist you. It's also best to do it when it's not prime time to lower the risk of someone else snatching it from you. I like to have one toon in Booty Bay and the other in Gadgetzan to see if anyone else is there :P

I'll add more if I can think of anything.
If I had 2 JCs and they do the cuts like they did before with daily tokens or whatever I would probably get melee for one and caster for the other and then just save the tokens after that.

As far as tracking both herbs and mining at the same time I can do that on my hunter now so really the only advantage is the not having to dismount/remount. But my hunter gets the 10% extra flight speed because I use BM while farming which the druid doesnt so it may even out.

I have several friends I trust that can help me trade if needed as well.

Thanks again for the advice.
Personally I'd go for multiple JCs over multiple alchemists, I could see maybe having an elixir spec and a transmute master, but as far as potion spec I just dont see enough of a market in potions for it to be worth it. Bringing in JC tokens at 2-3x rate though, THAT is valuable, its hard to get all the JC recipes between the cuts, metas, rings/necks etc so if you had 2-3 JCs it would really help. EXPENSIVE or time consuming to level even one though, doing it 3 times...*shudder*

I have most professions covered now, working on having everything at 525 asap in Cata. I have 2 alchemists, both currently transmute because I havent focused on flasks in a while, but when Cata hits one will go back to elixir its only like 150g to change (if they even keep profession specs? not sure if they are I've heard rumors..)

So yeah I have the same kind of goal. Eventually you run out of professions to level on characters lol. If mining has another cooldown aka titansteel again it might be worth it to have 2 miners or something, I had that for a while in WoTLK and it was handy especially when it still had the CD.

My early goals in Cata are

Pally - JC/BS to 525 ASAP
Priest - Inscription/Elixir Master to 525 ASAP
Mage - Herbalism and gather like crazy, slowly level enchanting (low priority for me for some reason)
Lock - currently mining/skinning want tailoring/maybe 2nd JCer?
Druid - currently alch/nothing, want to take LW to 525
Rogue - engineering, only reason I keep this is for fun/pvp/pve it sucks for making gold and I probably wont try much unless certain recipes are interesting to me. also a miner, might drop at some point but unless I'm forgetting something I'm running out of professions here.

I dont have a DK/shaman/hunter yet, I do have a warrior in the 70s whos currently tailor/2nd enchanter (waste) but I dont know what else to do. TBH I probably wont even level him. So the characters I'll actually play I want my professions on. Ideally the characters I rush to 85 will be my crafters since I'll have more access to as many patterns as possible. I dont want a situation like my warrior where he was only 71 but a 440 tailor and couldnt buy the leg armors etc because he has no relevent rep. Have a hunter in the same situation too and I'm so tired of leveling characters, I wont go 70-80 just to make leg armors. But yeah sorry for the wall of text thats my plan though ;)
Well I have spots open so I can easily do 3 JC if I want and still keep each spec of alchy. The only professions they got rid of specs in is Tailor/LW/BS. The others are still staying the same. Once cata hits though JC wont be as bad to level because it will be easier to farm the old world mining nodes. Having to ride around trying to find nodes is what made it a pain for me while leveling my rogues JC.

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