[A] RoKK Recruit Thread

We raid Tues-Thurs 6:30-10:30.
We are looking for: Priests, DPS Shaman, Warlocks and Exceptional Mage
We're probably not going to pick up for the time being: Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply, but we're full on melee, hunters, moonkins and resto druids at this time.
Our website: http://rokkguild.guildlaunch.com
Recruitment officers are Shawni and Sarine.

We are looking for individuals who would be able to consistently attend raids (3 nights on average, 100% attendance would delight us but we don't expect it), who are willing to heavily use consumables, who don't have a irresistible attraction to fire and who bring us cookies. If you took a break in LK and fell behind and are looking to get back into the swing of things, now is the time to apply since we'll all be on equal footing shortly.

RoKK is a guild that has been around since Vanilla. While it hasn't always actively raided, we've maintained a strong community base. Many old members tend to stick around for alt raids and guild activities. When we're in the swing of things, we often field raids with raider alts and filled out by the friend/family rank in the guild. You can expect stability.. which can be really hard to find in WoW!

Unfortunately with stability and casual raiding come some drawbacks. We'll never be the top guild on the server but we're ok with that. We do things in our own time and in our own way. It's more important to us to enjoy the game! Our major goal for this expac is to try to foster more of a raiding oriented atmosphere with raiders who want to continue to work on heroics long after the server firsts are down.

If you are interested, please swing by at http://rokkguild.guildlaunch.com and check out our apps forum.
Bump, we clarified with our previous MT/OT and we're continuing with them in Cata. So we are more looking for people to fill a 3rd OT type spot who would be main DPS most of the time and then help out when MT/OT are gone or want a break on farm content.
Bans got removed!

Bans got removed!


oh dear god who let him in here
pre- Tday bump
Poke, thread go up
up goes the thread
Bump, officer meeting Friday so get your apps in today for a quick response!!
Bump, no longer taking any melee or hunters (or probably holy paladins until the 2 trials are done, and then definitely no if they both stick).. but looking for a good lock or two, priests (shadow or heals), possibly a shammy and maybe a mage.

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