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Not sure if my previous post got submitted correctly so sorry if i double post.
I like paladins and i dont think they are broke, but i had some ideas to somewhat spice up the class for cata and figured id share some ideas for fun.

Since everyone must choose a spec i think it would be nice if some core mechanics are changed slightly to make it more valuable for specs, namely Avenging Wrath.

Holy-increases spirit by 20% for 20 seconds(a mana regen ability? i think so)
Prot-increases block by 15% for 20 seconds
Ret-increase damage by 20% for 20 seconds

Holy and HP are pals and luv each other, but doing the 9696 rotation for prot/ret for it is dull.

-Crusader strike/hammer of righteous changed to 6 second cooldown(damage adjusted accordingly)
-Judgements now give HP to compensate

Talent changes-
Argent Defender
-gives the paladins abilities an extra effect for 30 seconds(1.5 min cooldown)
Shield of Righteous- Increases next blocks mitigation by 20%
Hammer of Righteous- increases block by 10% for 6 seconds
Crusader strike- Reduces damage taken by 10% for 6 seconds

Art of war-33/66/100% chance to give a free exorcism with 100% additional damage,
after a successful Crusader Strike critical hit

-Zealotry-Judgements now give the "Crusaders Zeal" debuff, granting 2% additional holy
damage(stacks 3 times) If Zealotry is used on a target with 3 stacks of debuff, it deals
(x holy Damage) and roots target for 6 seconds.

These are just some ideas i thought up of as i was looking at my paladins future spells and spec. Any comments appreciated

I respectfully disagree with your suggestions, but am glad you shared them. Discussion about our class is usually a good thing. :)

Avenging Wrath is fine as it is, it provides 20% more holy damage and healing, which makes it useful for all three specs.
You say that doing the 969 rotation is dul, but in the next sentence, suggest changing CS and HotR to a 6 second cooldown instead of a 3 second cooldown. I don't understand your logic there?
Changing Argent Defender to your idea would be a significant decrease in the ability's power. Yes, it now lasts 30 seconds on a 90 second cooldown, but it can only mitigate physical attacks by an additional 10% - 20%, assuming the physical attack is blocked. Otherwise it would go wasted.

I can't comment on the AoW or Zealotry changes, as I have never played Ret.
All the changes are unecesarry ones. Zealotry already gives 3 holy power pips everytime you use crusader while it's active. In short this allows retribution to pretty much crusader then spam attacks like Verdict or Divine Storm or even WoG themselves or others if that's their fancy.

Retribution, when talented, also get's the ability to spam their Hammer of Wrath while in Avenging Wrath mode, regardless of target health, so again, unecesarry change.

Ardent Defender change would be a definite nerf. Unecesarry.

Avenging Wrath doesn't need to change. One, if you have mana problems playing as holy then it boils down to how you are playing not the class in general. Two, Avenging Wrath gives me a healing overdrive period, which is very useful in some intense moments where I need boosted healing. Mana regen does exactly jack and crap during that.
Thanks for replies :)

I still really liked the zealotry idea. Its not that i thought the original was a bad talent, it just doesn't seem like it would work well with Art of war procs and our mastery. One of them i feel should change, but i dont even have a beta key *sad face* so i could be wrong.

Argent defender i was just trying to make more reactive since i play a DK/warrior tank. i miss all the buttons and options i felt i had on them as opposed to pally, but yea i just pulled that ability out of nowhere at the time so it seems silly now lol.

I respectfully disagree with most of your suggestions. I quite like Zealotry and Avenging Wrath they way they are, at the moment. Only thing I'd want to change is to return Ardent Defender back to a passive ability.

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