holy power

im sure theres been a million threads on this already...

but it feels like holy power is just a forced mechanic. In reality each spec only has like one spell to use with it and it just feels unfinished. Not really complaining as i trust blizzards judgement and i am assuming they will work out kinds over the next year or so.
Yeah, I feel the same way on it. I figure it will fill out a bit to make us have to choose what to click on. I'm leveling my Pally mostly as a tank right now and it just feels a bit off the way I have to use SotR anytime my holy power is up, having other buttons to push for different situations would make tanking feel a lot more dynamic.
Zealotry also requires HP.
I do look forward to having "hurt" component that Holy could use Holy Power on. Because I really don't need Word of Glory for most of what I do out in the world alone, and while I'm not the greatest fan of watching combo points for healing it does add interest to killing things.
This is a part of my thread "Healing, holy power, spell/talent changes" but I think it applys here. As a holy paladin, or a shockadin, I would also like to have something to apply my holy power to other than inquisition or get inquisition a lot earlier in the game.

Maybe a change can be made to tower of radiance. So you get a 33-66-100% chance to gain holy power when healing the beacon target, but also gain 10-20-30% chance to gain holy power when healing anyone other than the beacon target. As it is now, holy power is abundant for tank healing. But if you make it attainable for raid healing, the clunkyness would subside a bit and the beacons primary function would be used.

Another change that could be made is to beacon, so it balances with tower of radiance a little better. right now if you heal the beacon you get nothing unless you have more points invested in tower of radiance. So maybe the reverse could apply here. When you heal the beacon target, the five lowest health players within a ten-fifteen yard radius will receive 10% of the heal. Or 50% of the heal can be divided among the five closest players within ten yards. in a way this would put beacon as a constant 150% healing ability in the best of situations and there would still be only six targets being healed like all other A.O.E. heals. It would also be small enough but still useful given the amount the tank is normally healed for. This would also be reminiscent of the old holy light glyph that would splash to nearby players.

If you combine those two Ideas it could be very interesting and no talent point is wasted. You could even make the new beacon glyph do this splash effect since I have heard that beacon will now be a five minute buff. The only problem I am seeing is the idea of having so many "free heals".

Let me know what you think.


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