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With the coming of Cataclysm, Storm Bringers is looking for a few great people to help be a part of an ever expanding and Progressing Guild.

With over 200+ Toons ( 65 ICC+ Ready ), 80+ Accounts, and 115+ Level 80's. We are ready for the Cataclysm.

Check the guild out on WOW-Heros.

What we need is People to help us move into the next era with their knowledge and ability.

We currently have a raid group that is 10/12 which will be 12/12 ICC within the week.

Normal raid times for this Guild is 5:30 server time.

If this is something that you find the Interests you, Please check out our Guild Charter (It is in the process of being updated for Cataclysm, but the body of it is sound, and only minor changes are going to be made.)

Click on the apply now on the right side of the page, and make sure in the area where you can type text, you let us know you want to apply for an officers position. We will set up a Vent interview with you while in game.

Thank you !!

Storm Bringers.

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