Pennsylvania players

Shattered Hand
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Who's from Pa? I live in bethlehem, 610
That was like, so old forums, like, omg!

~*PvP Shattered Hand/Horde*~
80 Priest Morae ~ 80 Lock Warlockjen
80 Druid Parthenia ~ 80 Rogue Erissi
80 Mage Kaelye ~ 80 Warrior Princessjeni
80 Sham Princessjenn ~ 80 Pally Allei
80 DK Persephoné ~ 80 Hunter Rainee

~*PvE Bloodhoof/Alliance*~
80 Priest Princessjen ~ 80 Druid Kaelye
65 DK Persephoné ~ 22 Lock Warlockjen
state college PA woot woot
I live a bit west off Pittsburgh, near Washington
Lebanon, PA here
South Park, PA
Uniontown, PA
Not Yet on this server. but will be soon.

Somerset, Pa
NW of Steel City, Aliquippa PA.

Edit: Go Steelers
not on it yet, but p-ville, 610
From bethlehem as well
<<<<< State College - wife that occasionally plays is from Somerset. Go PSU!!!!!
i live in the wonder full state of PA.. - suburgs of philly kinda'

Calvinball more like Badvinball
king of prussia pa
12/10/2010 10:35 PMPosted by Sufiro
I live a bit west off Pittsburgh, near Washington

Not on this server, but it's always cool seeing people around from near where ya live. Washington, PA here
Irwin PA
Middletown, PA just outside of Harrisburg

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