Pennsylvania players

Shattered Hand
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Salisbury / Allentown . Really close to Bethlehem.
Small town near Johnstown here.
coatesville, pa right here
black and yellow black and yellow
10/14/2012 04:38 PMPosted by Coldflesh
Small town near Johnstown here.

Stay out of johnstown. I live there. It blows
Bethlehem.....the 610
Kittanning here, 10 mins from New Beth or as I call it NewB.
Butler here. Anyone near me around here?
12/14/2012 09:19 AMPosted by Baeull
Bethlehem.....the 610

hey we live in the same town. north side represent
erie, pa. the mistake on the lake
New Oxford ,PA Near Gettysburg PA 717
Never knew there was this many PA players on SH lol. I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but the closest town is a little town called Coalport, im about 30 minutes from Altoona
Garithos Lancaster pa woot woot
Cheltenham, Pa over here. i know, wrong server
Punxsutawney here
erie, pa. the mistake on the lake

Really!? Me too! xD I hate this town...
i hope to get some replies to this. im from the 724 and so are a couple of my other friends that play. i just started playin 8 months ago after i left the annoying console scene. been addicted to WoW ever since. im lookin for some PA wow players to game wit. and im pretty much a hardcore raider but fed up with my server and a few other things. im currently 11/14 SoO 10m normal and i loveeee raiding. so if their is any guild alliance or horde im willing to make the factions/toon transfer price and change. im currently 558 iLvL and i work steady daylight so im on after 3 until whenever i feel like logging off. so if u have a hardcore raiding guild with good proegression and an open spot let me know asap battletag is Xianiity#1867. feel free to add me in game. p.s. spec is Frost Mage. thanks for your time
I live in Erie, PA. And although I am currently in a guild on my server, I am looking to start/join a guild of local players in the Erie area on whatever server is decided.

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