Frost Build Question

Death Knight
I am currently spec dps Frost using a 2hander until I can get some 1 handed weapons. Which pres should I be in frost or unholy? I have seen a couple posts saying both.
If this is for PvE, frost presence.
2H frost is always Unholy Presence and DW Frost is Frost Presence. MotFW needs a haste and faster cooldowns and DW responds best to strength which is why you go frost presence.
If your using a 2-hander you'll want to be in Unholy Pres. DW is Frost Pres. The rason for this is since your using a big 2-hander your speed is very slow, and you want to get that speed to be as fast as possible. Both builds in frost need a lot of haste so your not just sitting around waiting for your Runes to get off cooldown, It's just DW can reach the haste amount a lot easier then 2-hander and thus does better in Frost Pres.

I hope this helps you out and if not, then if you got some time, read this threads section on frost dps: (Kraylis know's what he's talking about.)
Thanks for the reply. I have been away for 4 months and alot changed.

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