[H] <Wyrm> of Ysera

Guild Recruitment
Wyrm - 10 man Guild

For the most part were pretty serious about the content we intend to clear and come raid day we consider it high priority to get things done. Currently seeking talented players who have 10 man experience with ICC 10 + Heroic modes. We are also making sure we have the right balance for Cataclysm, so our recruiting will be to build a solid core for this x-pac.

Normal 12/12
Heroic 5/12

Currently seeking the following

Deathknight - Open
Druid - Low (Feral Cat)
Hunter - Closed
Mage - Closed
Paladin - Open (Holy)
Priest - Closed
Rogue - Open
Shaman - Open (Enhance)
Warlock - Open
Warrior - Closed

The Raid schedule currently is Wed, Thur & Mon 8-11 pm (7:45 invites) All times are server based. Raiders are expected to supply own viable raiding supplies.

Don't be discouraged if we are not recruiting your class. If you think you can perform at a higher standard, feel free to apply.

Website - http://wyrm.guildlau nch.com

In game contacts - Ravenmaul, Karsa, Vurdak & Doomfire.

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