List of XP rewards per Daily Quest available?

I would like to stock up on some dailys for turn-in on release day and maximize my xp by performing the quests that give the most XP.
Well, I would just like to load up on 25 dailies before the expansion drops and complete them so I can turn them in on day one. I would like to know which of the dailys offer the most xp. Most of the ones I've researched do not seem to have an xp reward according to;maxle=80;cr=27:33:2:34;crs=1:-2324:1:1;crv=0:0:20000:0#0+1+2

Non-holiday level 80 dailies. It seems to be missing a few of the Sholazar quests, but it's a good basis to go off of. There are a small number that give more than 22k (Hodir's Spear, Old Kingdom, and a couple of non Tournament icecrown quests).
Hey, thank you very much!
looks like they may ahve turned off the exp gain from dailies, the gold has been reduced to the amount where theres no exp->gold conversion
All quests still give the expected exp at level 79. They appear to have reduced the conversion rate of exp to gold, not reduced the exp.
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Argent Tournament Dailies, Icecrown Gunship, Ground and Air Assault, Ebon Blade from Shadow Vault, Death's Rise.

Those listed above should give you a good amount. And if you have your hearthstone set to Orgrimmar or Stormwind already then go to Dalaran and do the Fishing, Cooking, and Jewelcrafting Dailies.

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