Deathmatch Battleground.

i didn't realize wow was a fps
We have team deathmatch BGs, they're called Arenas
We have team deathmatch BGs, they're called Arenas

No, arenas are completely different.

A deathmatch battleground might include:
-Lots of players, not 2-5. Large group battles have very different dynamics.
-More complex maps. e.g. instanced Tarren Mill vs Southshore
-No "one lucky kill and the game is already over" nonsense. You can give everybody 5 lives. Then give them something to do after they run out of lives, maybe they come back as a ghost, like those mobs that spawn invincible ghosts when they die.
-You can have "objectives" that are useful in the battle. Such as a king of the hill setup, where instead of getting points for controlling the hill, you deal stacking damage to people not on the hill. The difference is that the actual win condition is wiping out the enemy team. Or capturable graveyards that give you an extra life as well as a spawn point.

Having limited lives would make it Last Man Standing, not Deathmatch, having objectives would make it King of The Hill, not Deathmatch.
Deathmatch and last man standing aren't mutually exclusive. Are you trying to claim that deathmatch has to be one life only, or unlimited lives?

When I think of Deathmatch I think of unlimited lives with a set time limit. Maybe thats just me...
The problem with any death match style BG is that it would be heavily gear dependent. What you'd end up with is heavily geared toons feeding on the not-so-geared toons, making the BG a lot less fun for the bulk of the player base.

Unless they decide to issue standardized gear for this one BG (which is very unlikely) I don't see Blizz creating any kind of death match based BG's.

Also, Blizz did try play testing a death match Bg (google; Gurubashi Catacombs) and found it did not work very well.
i think the problem with a deathmatch battleground is that it would get boring after about 10 minutes
I was thinking more along these lines.

Battleground Information.

• 20 per Faction. Game may start when 10 have queued.
• Game begins to close if the difference between the factions player count is greater than 12. EG: 8 Alliance, 20 Horde, or vice-versa.
• In the event of the game closing by lack of players, the game is tied and each faction receives Honor Points based on losing the game.

Objectives of the Game:
• Much like Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm, where a 1600 resource goal is needed to win. In the case of Deathmatches, we'd need to look at a number relative to the current battlegrounds leaderboard. For example, some people are easily attaining 20 kills in a single Battleground, others up to 40. So lets say, a 500 frag goal match.
• Players would fight it out against each other to reach the 500 frag count first. Whoever reaches that count first - wins the game.
• The game would have the standard 20 Minute maximum Duration. The team with the most kills would win, in the event of running out of time. If it's a draw of kill-counts, the team who struck the first Killing Blow would take the win. If nobody made any kills at all, the game would be considered a tie and both teams would gain honor points based on losing the game.

Maps and Terrain:
• Lots of Line of Sight should be added.
• The Map should be a relatively medium sized map in comparison to the size of Warsong Gulch, being a small map and Alterac Valley being a large map, where Arathi Basin would be considered a medium sized map.
• The Arathi Basin map is sort of ideal in terms of it's Line of Sight, Buildings and terrain elevations, if the terrain had Line of Sight.
• Various elements should be considered. Water, bridges with a good distance between it and the floor, long pathing with a centrally focussed fight point, again - with a good amount of LoS and different elevated points. Buildings, with styling like Wintergrasp towers, would be brilliant.
• Each team would start off on opposite, yet asymmetrical sides of the map. Where each 'side' has different advantages and disadvantages.

• Around the map would be 4 types of resources. These could range from anything such as;
--- +10 kills to your total frag count, meaning you would really only have to get 490 kills as a team, should you control this resource. 2 of these would be situated on opposite sides of the map, effectively reducing the amount of kills your team needs to get my 20.
--- +2.5% Damage and Healing increase, should you continue to control this resource. 2 of these would be situated on opposite sides of the map, effectively increasing your teams damage and healing output by 5%.
--- Either the first resource could be used, twice throughout the map. Or, to entice people to head for the central combat area, a flat +20 frag resource could be added to the central area, making it a more obvious objective to try to hold. This would push people in to team coordination, by securing the central resource with, FE: Team Alpha (Groups 1 and 2), whilst Team Beta (Groups 3 and 4) hit the Damage/Healing Increase Resources.
• Graveyards would be situated at each outer Resource, excluding the central resource (If any), and the starting points of both Factions.

The outer edges of the map would be elevated, where the Damage/Healing resources would be located. (Much like running up to Lumber Mill, with a path up/down on both sides. The center would be raised still, from the start points, although not as elevated as the edges, again - much like AB's Blacksmith part. Pathing to each resource shouldn't be easy to get to should your entire team be in the center of the map fighting for the frag count resource. The idea there is to imply a strategic coordination of the teams to better execute a plan: Get the Resources and control them, to win quicker!

• Styling - The Warsong Gulch styling would suffice. Maybe changing the Silverwing styling to a Human Style, with Stormwind (And/or Gilneas?) like structures, and the Hordes Orcish styling, to say a Goblin styled place, with structures such as found in Tanaris or Everlook.

• The usual Powerups found in Warsong Gulch could be used.


If any were to be added (I'm not good with naming achievements, but the requirements for gaining them would be something like this);

• NAME: Win a game of <BG NAME>.
• NAME: Win a game of <BG NAME> whilst controlling all *Number* resources.
• NAME: Get 10 Killing Blows on players at <Central Area Name> in <BG NAME> without dying.
• NAME: Personally capture 2 and defend 2 resources in <BG NAME>, and then win the game.
• NAME: Personally capture the central resource in <BG NAME>, and then win the game.
• NAME: Win a game of <BG NAME> with 500 Team kills, whilst your opposition has less than 250.
• NAME: Win a game of <BG NAME> with a difference of 10 kills, without hold the Frag Resource. (500 to 490, without the +20 Frag Resource)
• NAME: Kill each of the classes listed below at each Resource location in <BG NAME>. (These kills can be attained in different battles of the same Battleground)
• NAME: Win a game of <BG NAME> in under XX:XX Minutes.
• And any more that would be suited to the match.
• Each achievement would offer the standard 10 points.

I think that's everything covered... unless anyone else has some ideas?
Even in WSG, large imbalances in power tend to turn into graveyard camps. PVP is gear dependent in general, so this isn't all that different as long as you don't just sit there with nothing to do after you're killed, and one weak player can't make their team lose by endlessly respawning and getting two shot while the rest of them perform well.

Under normal circumstances WSG (and all the other BG's) will have something for the under geared players to do that will help the team progress towards a win, be it peeling people from FC's, driving siege engines and a plethora of other activities.

This will absolutely not be the case in a death match BG. All an under geared toon can be is an easier kill for the opposition and detriment to his team.

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