RP: A Return to Renzik

Pithy walked slowly through the streets of Old Town, making his way to SI: 7 HQ. The Young rogue was brimming with questions after his long hiatus in his mountain cabin. Being undead was a bit of a deterent to his quest, however, Renzik "The Shiv" was an old friend of his, and Pithy could think of no one better suited to answer his question.

He crept past the guardsmen outside the main entrance and cautiously made his way up the worn, wooden stairwell that led to the dangerous goblin's workspace. Spotting his prey, he prepared himself for the final stretch. He considered holding his breath, but then rememebered that he didn't actually posses functional lungs. Mentally steeling himself for the challange at hand, he stole silently behind the the smiling goblin. Leaning down, he whispered breathlessly into the goblin's 18-inch ear.

"Reznik, long time no see. I've been gone for awhile, and was curious. Is 1.8 still considered the perfect speed for my mutliate spec, or is it 1.4 now?"

Blinking, Pithy realized with a shock that the Goblin was not his friend Renzik at all, but an Advanced Training Dummy. Panicking, he stole furtive glances about the room, but could not see the real Reznik. Suddenly, his blood that didn't actually flow anymore turned even colder as a voice seemed to materialize inside his rotting ear.

"You always fell for the dummy trick, Pithy. Also, it's 1.8. Stop being a noob."

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