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All my characters right now are Alliance. Come Cata I will be making goblins. Nothing against playing Horde. I've just had no reason to play them right now. I tried plenty times but couldn't stomach Mulgore, Durotar, or Tirisfal. Kezan looks much more fun
I have been an Ally since I started playing the game just slightly pre BC. I love the Alliance. I have one horde toon thats lvl 10 and I havent played him since.... I dont know why but the Alliance is home, and I dont see it changing anytime soon.
My first ever toon was a nelf rouge. He is sitting in the Dolanaar Inn over two years later, still at level ten. I have an ally server i jump on for a week here and there. a whole heap of 20s with a 61 dk thrown in for good measure.
Yes, only reason i am Alliance is they have Dwarves and my friends are alliance. Believe me, the INSTANT this guild should go under i am becoming a Tauren.
I have had Horde 80's before, but I couldn't really stick with them. And with all the new race-class combos, I won't have any most likely. Well, except for a Goblin. I WILL make one of those. And I'm going to do the best I can to keep it and level it up.

I really can't stand any of the Horde starting zones though. Blood Elves are the only starting zone I can manage. But I'm sure Goblins' zone will be fun as hell.

I just don't like horde characters really, or the lore on that side.
I can't stand Draenei, probably won't like Worgen either. But Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes just make a perfect group, and I'm definitely welcome to Night Elves now that Blood Elves fill their old roll.
I play both, but I prefer the alliance.
I roll both. I do so on different servers. Both have their ups and downs. I find when paying for a service it is best to enjoy or use all of the service. I am more loyal to myself than any faction. Thus spending 15 a month for this game, I enjoy both sides. I do roll horde more, but soon that will even out because I just found a great server of Alliance and will split time with my horde side to enjoy an actual friendly server.
I play both sides.

I am currently playing my troll priest.

Peeps still calling u Katie????? :)

I always get called Katie -_-"

Most of my toons are horde side - belf lock, healadin, resto druid and hunter 80´s, 70 dk. But I decided to roll this lil dwarf tank girl because I wanted to fully quest and level as alliance. It has taken me a llloonngg time to level this character - nearly a year, methinks. Usually I level very very quickly.

I just wanted to make sure I was able to finish the Wrathgate quests on this character, in order to see it from the ally POV. It´s one of my absolute favorite questlines in the game, and it´s going boom. :(

It´s kind of interesting - while playing alliance, and in Stormwind, I really do get the feeling that I am one of the "good guys". The music, I think, is part of it as well as the NPC greetings. Horde side, however, is much more bloodthirsty "Imma kick yer arse" kinda feeling. :D

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