Considering making a guild come 4.03a

Upon the release of the next patch (the one with the revamped old world), I'm considering starting up a guild, which will be named The Tickle Monsters; it sounds funny to me and embodies the type of guild I want to create, which is a light-hearted and fun, social guild. :) If anyone is interested, please post below with the name of the person I can contact upon the creation of the guild, which will be as soon as the patch releases; I'm expecting and hoping it will be this Tuesday.

This character will not be the creator, but I am going to create a Troll Druid, which will be my new main character. I've played World of Warcraft since before the Burning Crusade and on this character. I've done raids, such as Molten Core and Zul'Gurub, and I have a lot of WOW experience. I am also not the type of person who just wants to be a guild leader for the sake of power, but because I am a very organized person and I would like to see the type of guild I would enjoy and I am sure many others would enjoy.

My guild would not be a very serious guild in the sense that players will be required to commit to schedules and events. It will be a fun, socializing guild. I'm looking for members who seek a relaxing atmosphere and would just like to have people to talk to and/or play with. It will not be a pvpcentric, raidcentric, or levelingcentric guild, but just a bunch of people who want have fun and enjoy the new perks of being in a guild that Cataclysm will provide without feeling obligated to raid or pvp or anything they do not want to do.

What I'm offering is a chance for fun people with a good attitude who share my vision of a mainly social guild. Personally, I have never been into raiding since I did it pre-BC and I just want to play WOW however I want and have members with the same desire. However, with all of the new guild perks and benefits, I would find it a lot more enjoyable to have a guild with people who would like all of those without feeling like they need to raid or pvp or have to commit to anything they do not want to commit to.

As I said in the beginning of this thread, if you are interested, please post below the name of the person I can contact in-game if I choose to create this guild, which I will if it seems like there will be a lot of support for such an endeavor.
I like guilds like this. There are too many people that think and act like WoW is a full time job and guild applications should be job applications.

WoW is a recreational game.

I wish you luck in your endeavours, and hope you can retain members when you're all at level cap and now suddenly everyone wants to raid hardcore, as that's usually the downfall of these types of guilds.
WoW is serious business brah...
I'm down to join. Contact Nexral in game. I'm going to be making a new char when cata comes out as well for my new main
If I make a alt in Cata, I will definately have them join. Well written post (for the most part) and seem like a nice person.
If I make a alt in Cata, I will definitely have them join. Well written post (for the most part) and seem like a nice person.

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