Bugged Trapped Citizens

Bug Report
Mentioned this a few days ago and it briefly went away, but it has since returned...

Each invasion, the Horde on Hyjal fails to 'win' Thunder Bluff because we are unable to free up to 10 citizens who seem to be bugged. This means we are unable to queue up for the two bosses tied to 'winning' Thunder Bluff. For me, this is particularly frustrating as the only alt I'm interested in getting gear for is seeking an item off one of these bosses.

The rolling restart seemed to temporarily fix the problem, but as I mentioned, it did eventually return. I know tickets have been opened about this (I opened one on my DK - the alt trying for gear), but as far as I'm aware, the problem persists.

Please, can someone look into this? Due to my work schedule, I've only got a limited amount of time available to play and it's thoroughly disappointing when I'm thwarted by things completely out of my control.

Thanks for your time (and hopefully your assistance!).

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