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Ok so here's the problem. I tried logging into my account, and this message came up.

Our login system has detected a change in your access pattern. in order to protect the account, we require you to verify your identity via a message sent to the e-mail address associated with this account.

So I go to the email account associated with it, but it seems that the email isn't receiving any new emails so i'm not sure what to do about that.

Second i'm trying access my account to maybe change the email account, but when i try to login to it says that "this service is not available"

So i'm not really sure what to do, can i get some assistance please?
You should be able to simply reset your password. I'm not sure as to why you would be receiving that error message when logging in, other than that as your password may have been changed and the wrong error message is displaying.

Go ahead and try resetting it via the below link, and let me know if that works. >^.^< Password Reset
I had the exact same problem ( I guess anyways other then trying to login on battlenet I was unable to do so ) as I wasnt getting any emails sent to my email account till I called Blizz up and they changed it on their end to the new email/username I gave them. As the old one still wasnt getting the emails when he even said he just sent them.

So after wondering about what the guy said on the phone (I thought he was talking about my account getting phone calls about) I see it was more like getting phone calls about similiar problems others have been getting too. I know one of my guildies had the same problem 3 days ago but he was able to get into his account through the website where as I was not.

Scanning my pc over and over doesnt find anything either so I dunno.

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