[H] <Famous Last Words> Recruiting for Cata!!

Hello, <Famous Last Words> is a hardcore raiding guild being formed at the start of Cataclysm to down 10 and 25 content as soon as we reach level 85. Our main mission is to down content in a competitive manner. Quickly and efficiently.

Our GM has recently come back from a 7 to 8 month leave after finishing the majority of hardmode content before ICC. He was apart of a top 200 US guild prior to ICC, so he is very well scripted in how end game raiding works and is done successfully.

What we look for in a raider:

•You should be well versed in all changes to your class that are upcoming and have previous experience in the majority of raid content since the start of wrath.
You should be one-of-a-kind and know where to look up information not only on your class but of bosses that are upcoming, there will be no carries in this guild.
Your performance will be looked over on a consistent basis, until we have our core 10 for Cata lined up.

There will be a few steps in the growth of this guild, since this is literally the day we started heavily recruiting and I feel that all who apply should know directly what to expect.
1) We will be recruiting heavily at all times so that the raid spots are competitive and people who genuinely want to raid will be there and not just a group that wants to mess around and look at "cool stuff" in content.
2) After recruiting heavily for quite some time we will start weeding people out that are like those types, that do not wish to take progression seriously. (For those who don't do research on fights and class, they will not be here long)
3) After finding the core 10 players that we are looking for we will then start looking for MORE people to recruit who are interested in downing 25 man content, by setting up a specific 2 10 man groups that will be mixed with experienced core people and people we are trying out.
4) We then will move into 25 man content by the next tier of Cataclysm only to become a more competitive PvE progression guild that pushes for the best in what they do.

This is not a guild to carry people, this is a guild to find people of like interest that wish to successfully be competitive progression wise.

Our raid times are as follows:
Tuesday through Thurs.
6pm to 10pm (PST) Server Time

Like I said above we are recruiting for Cataclysm, so raids will not start until we have a sufficient group for 10 man. (The faster you get to 85, the better off for consideration for that first 10 man you will have.)

Right now I'm inviting even people with minimal experience in raiding and gear is not something I will look at. Cata will replace your gear even with greens.

Please whisper my officer, Raineu, or myself, Darkeklipse (GM) for more information or guild invite.

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