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Moon Guard
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Well, I'm one of them crazy people who likes to dress up like an NPC. So, I dug around for the perfect matches of NPC uniforms. I got a lot of these ideas from existing military role-playing guilds. Listed below are what I've compiled. Feel free to post your own uniform concepts and suggestions!




Stormwind Footman

Stormwind Knight:

Stormwind Nobleman

Westfall Brigade Footman

Stockade Guard

Stockade Nurse

Stormwind Chaplain

SI:7 Agent

Stormwind Wizard

Battle Mage

Stormwind Admiral

Stormwind Deckhand

Westfall Militia

Duskwood Nightwatch


Stromgarde Footman

Stromgarde Knight

Stromgarde Archer

Stromgarde Wizard


Lordaeron Footman

Lordaeron Archer

Southshore Guard

Hillsbrad Footman

Tirisfal Footman

Kul Tiras

Kul Tiras Marine

Kul Tiras Wizard

Kul Tiras Admiral

Kul Tiras Deckhand

Kul Tiras Scout

Kul Tiran Commando

Kul Tiran Cleric


Gilneas Footman

Gilneas City Guard

7th Legion

7th Legion Footman

7th Legion Wyrm Hunter

Silver Hand / Clergy

Human Cleric

Silver Hand Paladin

Silver Hand Champion


Theramore Footman

Theramore Cleric

Honor Hold Footman

Baradin Footman

Human Guild Page

Human Guild Herald


Ironforge Guard

Ironforge Thiefcatcher

Ironforge Mountaineer

Gryphon Rider

Dark Iron

Dark Iron Soldier

Dark Iron Sorcerer

Dark Iron Guard

Dark Iron Mountaineer

Stormpike Guard

Dun Garok Mountaineer

Bael'dun Soldier

Wildhammer Sentry

Menethil Sentry

Red Dwarven Soldier

Blue Dwarven Soldier

Green Dwarven Soldier

Dwarven Cleric

Mountain King (Paladin)

Mountain King (Warrior)


Sentinel Army



Sentinel Warrior


Restoration Druid

Druid of the Fang

Druid of the Claw

Druid of the Stag

Hippogryph Master

Moon Priestess

Demon Hunter

Wyrm Rider

Highborne Mage

Shadow Warden

Warden (Mail)

Warden (Leather)


Exodar Peacekeeper


Hand of Argus


Gnomeregan Infantry

Gnomeregan Medic

S.A.F.E. Operative

Covert Operative

High Elf

High Elven Ranger



Orgrimmar Grunt

Ogrimmar Soldier

Horde Scout

Kor'kron Guard

Kor'kron Elite

Kor'kron Overseer

Frostwolf Grunt

Horde Guard

Grom'gol Grunt

Orc Blademaster

Orc Shaman

Northrend Grunt



Orc Guild Page

Orc Guild Herald

Blood Elf

Blood Knight

Sin'dorei Ranger

Silvermoon Guardian



Bluffwatcher Elite



Forsaken Deathguard

Forsaken Dreadguard


Royal Apothecary

Forsaken Apothecary



Sen'jin Watcher

Shadowprey Guardian

Troll Shaman

Troll Rogue

Troll Warrior


Bilgewater Cartel

Bilgewater Soldier

Bilgewater Scout

Goblin Sapper

Steamwheedle Cartel

Booty Bay Bruiser

Ratchet Bruiser

Gadgetzan Bruiser


Freewheeling Technomage


Argent Dawn Footman

Argent Dawn Templar

Argent Crusader

Argent Champion

Cenarion Circle

Cenarion Warrior

Hyjal Defender

Ebon Blade / Scourge


Scholomance Darkmaster

First Generation Death Knight

Frost Death Knight

Blood Death Knight

Blood Commander

Boneguard Commander

Ebon Blade Champion

Scarlet Crusade

Scarlet Infantryman

Scarlet Champion

Scarlet Ranger

Scarlet Berserker

Scarlet Cleric

Scarlet Onslaught Footman


Syndicate Footman

Syndicate Bandit

Twilight Cult

Twilight Cultist

Twilight Enforcer

Twilight Zealot

Defias / Other Bandits

Defias Bandit

Brown Bandit


Tanarian Warrior

Tanarian Gatherer

Tanarian Merchant

Burning Legion / Warlocks


Laughing Skull Enforcer



Brown Farmer


Brown Engineer

Brown Explorer

Gray Merchant

Red Worker

Yellow Nobleman

Purple Nobleman

Brown Nobleman


The Headless Horseman

My gear would more appropriately show a Huntress' armour, ala WC3 (So, the saber, glaive throwing Huntress, not the bow/arrow Huntress).
Reported for sticky and liked to - always found it handy
Bumped by request.
Never got the chance to update the list, with modelviewer bugging for me. Is there a new version?
Excellent work, and man... you have way too much time on your hands XD <3
My outfit is based off the Warcraft III Night Elf Archers, if you are interested in including it?

Sticky this please!
Bump for Maxen's list of awesomeness.
Bump. I'll work on updating some of these when I find a new Modelviewer.
I've managed to collect what the Gilnean City Guards are wearing in the worgen starting zone, almost exactly -- the only problem being the boots, which don't match up with what they're wearing. Most of the set these guards are wearing is obtained from questing in Vashj'ir and Deepholm. The quest rewards you'll want to nab to get this set are mail, as in the armor type, so keep your eyes peeled. The boots that you get with these quests do not match up with what you see on these NPCs, so I decided to supplement a pair of generic boots that didn't stick out.

I'm pleased with how well it matched.

Here's a listing of the items which you can obtain via leveling through Vashj'ir:

    Crabcracker Chestguard (Chest)
    Displaced Crown of Azrakir (Helm)
    Starfish Gauntlets (Gloves)
    Aquasear Waistguard (Belt)
    Kilt of Shamanic Dreams (Pants)

Additionally, here's a listing of the items which you can obtain via leveling through Deepholm, if you missed the boat in earlier zones like I did:

    Troggbane Chestguard (Chest)
    Helm of the Wormslayer (Helm)
    Kaulslayer Grips (Gloves)
    Flashborn Girdle (Belt)
    Groundshort Leggings (Pants)

Then I used Redsteel Boots (and this can be crafted by a blacksmith) and, of course, you can use anything that works better for you. And, don't forget your Gilneas Tabard, which can be picked up from the Gilneas Quartermaster in Darnassus. The weapon, I think, is unimportant; and the plain, metal shield can be picked up at any shield or armor vendor.

If you want to add that to your already awesome collection. :)
Thanks! I'll add it in when I get around to updating the topic.
Sadly, there's no way to look like a Sentinel as there is a Footman or a Grunt.

Footman being Imperial Plate.

Grunt being (ironically named) Sentinel's leather.

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