Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits!

Moon Guard
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Alrighty. Got it to work. I'm back in business.

Maxen cracks his knuckles.
Now taking requests!
Nice man! NEVER have I seen work like this. I was wondering if you could put up some more Goblin armor! Maybe a Techno Mage, I roleplay as one. Keep up the good work!
On it!
Small update, more to come as I get ideas.

Argent Champion


Freewheeling Technomage
Another update.

Stromgarde Archer

Dark Iron Guard

Dark Iron Mountaineer
I've updated quite a few of the outfits on the thread, more to come!

Human Guild Herald

Scarlet Ranger

Shadow Warden

Warden (Mail)

Warden (Leather)

Mountain King (Paladin)

Mountain King (Warrior)

Hyjal Defender

Twilight Enforcer

Boneguard Commander

Silver Hand Paladin

Argent Dawn Templar

Orc Guild Herald

Scarlet Berserker

Frost Death Knight

Blood Death Knight

Blood Commander

Ebon Blade Champion

Kul Tiras Wizard

Lordaeron Footman

Lordaeron Archer

Human Cleric

Battle Mage

Stormwind Knight

Stormwind Chaplain

Stockade Nurse

Stockade Guard

People's Militia

Westfall Brigade Footman

Stormwind Wizard

Stromgarde Wizard

Scarlet Cleric

Scarlet Onslaught Footman


Brown Bandit
Perhaps these sets would work as normal Dark Iron citizens?



My Modelviewer doesn't work, sorry. :/
Can you find out what items would make a Warcraft III rifleman outfit?
Son of a...

You took my Scarlet Inquisitor gear!
Son of a...

You took my Scarlet Inquisitor gear!

For the greater good.

There are plenty of inspirations drawn from players I've seen around Moon Guard. I think your outfit is amazing for the scarlet clergyman niche.
07/22/2012 09:48 PMPosted by Hardrad
Can you find out what items would make a Warcraft III rifleman outfit?

What do you mean? I know all of the mountaineer outfits under 'dwarf' resemble riflemen.

07/25/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Xtrabulator
Oh, oh, Cult of the Damned sets would be nice!

Hrm.. would you have any examples of NPCs to go off of?
For a Scarlet Infantryman, might I instead recommend the Raider set with a Mithril Coif.

Also, I've a request.

If you can find -this- armor set (sword and board included) I will be forever grateful.

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