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Moon Guard
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Update by requests!

Say, Darkmaster Gandling. I cannot for the life of me find that cowl, or the robes.

I couldn't find the cowl either, but I did find the robe.

Scholomance Darkmaster

If you can find -this- armor set (sword and board included) I will be forever grateful.

Not sure what you mean by sword and board as that NPC is using a spear. I could only find the chestpiece of the set, but I did find some vendor armor that matches it nicely.

Laughing Skull Enforcer
I enjoy my self and I think I got the appearance as a Forsaken Frost Mage.
Could you perhaps find the headless horseman's armor?
I can't seem to get these websites? But, by request, Deathstalker armor?
08/26/2012 07:07 PMPosted by Xtrabulator
Could you perhaps find the headless horseman's armor?

Couldn't get the exact color scheme, but I think it turned out nicely.

The Headless Horseman

08/28/2012 02:41 AMPosted by Fairaday
But, by request, Deathstalker armor?

Maxen, can you add a Set for Hillsbrad Refugees? Like this one?
Tho I do believe a Kirin Tor outfit or the Sorcerer/Priest from the Battle of Mount Hyjal raid in Jainas Base would be epic, if you have time for that as well.

Here's a Blood Elf Priest

Heres a Blood Elf Sorceress
I've heard that the original worgen were night elf druids called druids of the pack/ druids of the scythe. I know about them but I don't know what they look like. So can you please try to find of come up with a outfit?
You might want to update your Scarlet sets, most of the pieces that dropped in SM aren't obtainable anymore.
They didn't exactly have a Set, they were kinda naked or at least would've worn cloth. You'd probably be best off just stripping all your armour off. To find out about them go here:
Could you find a monk like set for rp...... I cant find any that will go well on a male panda.
I know this is much but can you do a look alike for me for a shado-pan rouge/warrior
Ty so much if you can read this.
Don't know if this is helpful, but the gear I have on is used by the Argent Crusaders in Western Plaguelands. To be specific, the trainees in Hearthglen (Minus the shoulders), and the ones that patrol the roads around the town. (I think they're initiates)

Anyway, this gear mostly resembles the Argent Trainee gear...
Looked at them. They're Argent Trainees and Argent Recruits.
Great thread! I'll make sure some of my old MG friends see this.
I'll probably add a slew of stuff in a few weeks. Haven't had access to a PC with model viewer downloaded on it.
So uhm my 2 cents. The Engineer's costume that consists mainly of the Seer's pants and padded armor... this would be my take on it. The result of my alterations has served as the costume my Blood Elf has worn since BC was released. His backstory places him formerly in the Gnomish air-fleet, high in the skies above Mount Hyjal in a cramped airship manned by a majority of dwarves and gnomes obviously. I think this outfit fits the bill of a air-navy/fleet uniform nicely.

The outfit consists of the following pieces of armor.

Head: Cogspinner Goggles

Chest: Seer's Padded Armor

Legs: Seer's Pants

Waist: Dusky Leather Belt (same skin as Studded leather belt, and Dementia Chord)

Hands: Brocade Gloves

Feet: Brocade Shoes (Buccaneer's Boots are a nice alternative when adventuring through swamps.)

The Brocade gloves match up nicely with the color of the Seer's Padded Armor, giving the appearance that the gloves are not a separate element from the sweater, something any airfleet crewman would appreciate when turning a wrench on an Alliance airship. And well, very few belts go with such a combination without making it looks like poorly designed trash. Woe to non-leather wearing classes, the Mistscape Sash is probably the only cloth belt that comes close to doing this outfit justice.

It'd be nice to see more gnomes, humans and even dwarves sporting this outfit if they share a history with the fly-boys of the Alliance. If you are curious how it looks on a Goblin, an example exists in Everlook although the feet and hands are replaced by Ghostwalker gloves and boots. Still cool though!
Just wanted to say; Thank you for sharing! Do you mind if I steal a few ideas?
That's the whole point of this, so we can 'borrow' the armor sets that Maxen has put so much time into collaborating for us all.

:D <3 you, Maxen!

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