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Moon Guard
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Looking for Worgen warrior outfit plus Bizmo's brawlpub bartender outfit
I LOVE the Forsaken Appothocary one! xD
Maxen, why are there no Kirin Tor styles of Roleplaying gear? I can think of five off the bat. Just look at This Violet Recolor of Arcanist regalia I'm wearing. God, I'm sexy...
Maxen, do you happen to do look alikes for specific NPCs?
Can you please make a noble robe outfit in black please? I have been needing help finding good clothes
Awesome, they're all so cool.
More stuff coming soon! Any requests?
Hey, think you could make a moggable Night Watch uniform? Leather if possible.

Please and thank you!

PS: When are you gonna add the ones from your "RP Outfit Requests" thread? Might make it easier to find, like the Alterac ones you made.
What about an emissary? I'm talking like the ones back in Warcraft III, and in the quest for the Forgotten Shore in Dragonblight.
Does anyone know what armor Blackhand wears in Karazhan chess?
02/27/2013 09:46 PMPosted by Edmus
Does anyone know what armor Blackhand were's in Karazhan chess?

Dark Iron Plate set. I'd have to look around for the shoulders.
It's a bit odd that Blackhand wears Dark Iron Plate when Blackrock orcs hate the Dark Iron Dwarves
Post Deleted By Edmus
Post Deleted by Edmus
Figured out Warchief Blackhand's armor:

Dark Iron Plate Set with no helmet
Spaulders of Dementia
Looking for anything Alterac!

Infantry | Officer | Priest | Guard | Civilian. Trying to find Orange is rough!
Looking for anything Alterac!

Infantry | Officer | Priest | Guard | Civilian. Trying to find Orange is rough!

I'm pretty sure there's at least 4-5 in there.
Looking for someone who can still craft the Enchanted Thorium Breastplate. I have all the mats for it, but I didn't have any blacksmiths around early enough in the game for the pattern.

I've tried leaving messages in General and Trade chats, but haven't had any luck. I do have all the mats, and I will tip.

Thank you in advance for any help. :)

Addendum: Breastplate acquired! Thank you very much, MG. :)

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